A Summer Promise

Oh yes, it is that time of year where ever mother who is a writer says goodbye to her WIP until August.  Because let’s face it, it’s hard to write a love scene with “Mom, is the mac and cheese ready yet?” in the background.  But before we get into my summer woes, let me tell you what I did this weekend.

I pretended to be an adult who did not have any children, all weekend.  Yep you guessed it, we went on vacation without the kids!  Palm Springs was 100 degrees but it never felt like it because I pretty much lived in the pool, um, all day.  Which means I did nothing.  Yep, nothing. (I do have a sunburn on the top of my head, oops, forgot a hat.) 

Now…back to the grind.

When I was a kid summers were magical.  The days between June and September unfolded some pretty amazing moments for me.  Nothing out of this world but it was a time I found myself, realized who I was and what that meant to me.  I want my boys to have that same magical time but I don’t want to totally give up my writing so I am compromising. 

From now until August when the kids start back to school, I will only be blogging once a week.  If I get a wild hair to write more, then Yay! but for now, I will use the extra writing time for my WIP. 

Now the Summer Promise.  I am going to adopt Natalie Balms 500 words a day for summer.  I’m not exactly sure how she has it lined up but for me, I will write 500 words a day, M-F.  If I skip a day or two, I WILL NOT tack it on to the next day.  Because skipping days is inevitable and let’s face it, life happens and the pressure to play make-up will cause me to bail on my summer promise.

Thanks for sticking with me.  Hopefully you’ll still be tuned in here by the end of summer.