Mockingjay Fever/The Hunger Games Movie Cast

June 09, 2010

Oops, is it Wednesday?  And how much did I get done on me WIP....0, zilch, nada, zip.  I've been so far removed from it the last couple of weeks with me being sick, son being sick, and 15 pages/synopsis freak out, I have barely touched my WIP in three weeks.  How do you focus or find your way after such a long break?

Anyway...Last week there were tweets about the BEA and one agent in particular got to hear the first few pages of MOCKINGJAY read by the author herself, Suzanne Collins.  I quickly scrolled that post and found NOTHING on what she read!  The agent could not reveal what was read out loud. None the less, I got MOCKINGJAY fever.  Though the final book to the THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy does not come out until August, I want to play a game.

Clicking though several blogs I found a post that discussed:  Lights, Camera, Action! Help Cast The Hunger Games Cast.

So I want to know...
Who would be your dream cast for

From the comments of the above blog, 96 comments mind you, people posted who they wanted to see as the cast.  I took every single comment, yes every stinking one of them, and googled all the suggestions.  I narrowed down from their comments to whom I could see being cast for THE HUNGER GAMES the movie.  Let me just say that I personally think, just like HARRY POTTER, undiscovered talent should be cast for the movie.  BUT if I must indulge the teenage alter ego that still lives inside of me here are my picks for movie cast narrowed down.
(NOTE: I discounted anyone who had a direct association with TWILIGHT movies.  Love the movies but can't do that.)
Check out the links, then see the poll below each section to vote. (After each poll vote, you will have to hit the BACK button bring you hack here.  Sorry guys, if any of you know a smoother polling system within a post, please enlighten me in the comments.)

Who would you cast for Katniss?
Kaya Scoldelario
Elizabeth Gillies
Amber Tamblyn
Lucy Hale free polls
Who would you cast for Peeta?
Hunter Parrish
Freddie Stroma
Sterling Knight
Alex Pettyfer
Lucas Til
 free polls
Who would you cast for Gale?
Ben Barnes
Logan Lerman
Drew Roy
Gaspard Ulliel
 free polls
  • Daniel Craig (latest James Bond)
  • Robert Downey Jr.  (seriously, you need a link?)
  • Hugh Jackman (you know WOLVERINE right?)
  • Jeffery Dean Morgan (If you watch SUPERNATURAL, this is Dean and Sam's dad) 
  • Hugh Laurie (um hello, the best drunk, HOUSE)
Who would you cast for Haymitch?
Daniel Craig
Robert Downey Jr.
Hugh Jackman
Jeffery Dean Morgan
Hugh Laurie free polls
NOTE:  All suggestions for Haymitch are of well known actors.  Only Haymatch could be cast with an already famous actor, in my opinion.  Other suggestions made from that original post made me say, "Huh?  Are you wack?"  They were: Phillip Seymore Haufmann, Jack Black and Wood Harrelson? Seriously folks?  Though I think they are phenominal actors, but for this roll they seriously lack the attractive factor.  If my memory serves me correctly, Haymatch is a handsome "fit" fellow and a drunk. These three actors do not qualify for the first two descriptions of Haymitch, again, in my opinion.

Fun Alternates not in poll:
Prim – Chloe Moretz
Cinna – Hugh Dancy
Effie - Zoe Deschanel

Have fun!  And don't waste too much time deciding!

Blog Link Lovin'
Here is my favorite fan site for Hunger Games info:
Follow them on twitter here.
And check out this BAD ASS movie trailer for THE HUNGER GAMES made by a fan using Keira Knightley as Katniss that www. found.
It is so good it gives me the freaking chills.

If you loved that you're gonna FREAK when you see this movie scene from the book of Katniss and Rue.
Hunger Games: Katniss and Rue 

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  1. I can't wait to see the movie. Hopefully they do an awesome job on it. I'm not into trying to figure out who should be cast, mainly because then I'll be disappointed if it isn't who I had hoped for.

    Good luck on getting your focus back. I'm seeing a lot of that lately on the blogs. Definitely time for summer vacation. :D


    these books rock SO HARD it's a little scary.

    ahhhhhhh anticipation!!

  3. First off ladies, let me apologize for the horrendous typos in this post. Apparently I forgot to proofread before I scheduled it to post. Oopsies!

    Stina - I'm terrified I'll be disappointed too. If they thought Twilight fans were brutal, they haven't meet us. I'm headed to my boxing class in a little bit, hopefully I can punch my way back to focus. Lack of focus is a disease plaguing the blogosphere lately, must be summer for sure.

    Tahereh - They are crazy good. I have Mockingjay pre-ordered right now and the hard copy is only $8. Crazy cheap. Collins has sold the movie rights but they have not started casting or anything. It could be years before they start to do something with it, or never. No, not never. Surely they wouldn't be that stupid?!?

  4. OMG FUN game!!! Now I can't wait either!

  5. LOVE THIS!! Best game ever--haha...I really love casting stuff! I already have the whole cast picked out for my book.

    Does everyone do that, or is it just me? Erica does it too--the other girl on my site. We have a blast with it. We have even our bit parts cast now. It's possible we just have too much time on our hands. lol.

    I should probably finish writing the book before casting the movie--but casting is way more fun than slogging through my billionth rewrite. haha.

  6. Lisa - I know! It's like August will NEVER get here! Arg!

    Callie - I do this for my novel too but I use model shots from stock photo places. it helps if I have a visual of a character to develop them more as a character. You can read a lot into a smile.

  7. Katniss could be played by Saoirse Ronan. She totally has the right look. After all, she was in City of Embers. And she will be in Hanna as an assassin.

  8. Definitely Kaya (actually, her last name is ScoDelario, there's no extra L. lol sorry just thought I'd mention that. Oh and she won't be in Uglies, that was just a rumor :]) for Katniss, I like Hunter for Peeta, I prefer Aaron Johnson for Gale other than your other choices, an I like Zoe for Portia too! =) And Prim I see Elle Fanning more than Chloe, and Milo Ventimiglia for Cinna.
    And Hugh Laurie rocks so hard for Haymitch :D
    Nice choices all in all though!

  9. Kaya ScoDelario looks pretty much just like I imagine Katniss: skinny, moody... I mean, all the other girls look so well fed, it's obvious there not coming straight from starving district 12! Drew Roy would be a good match for Scodelario -they look like they could be related. For Peeta, I'm still not entirely sure: Lucas Till is really close physically to the Peeta my mind's conjured up, but I haven't seen many pictures on which he is not grinning like a satisfied cat! I mean, peeta has had a difficult childhood, and despite his good humor he is pretty much desperate in love... But great job on the "casting vote" on your site, it's probably the smartest I have seen anywhere so far on the Internet :)

  10. I'm really wanting Joaquin Phoenix to pull himself together to play the role of Haymitch. I envisioned his face the while reading the entire trilogy. Kind of a far stretch to get him to cooperate, but decribes Haymitch's character - not out there to please anyone.

  11. I have been working for 6 months on my ideal cast, and here's what I have right now (just the 7 main ones; I have about 50 people)

    Katniss-- Kaya Scodelario
    Peeta-- Mitch Hewer
    Gale-- Steven R. McQueen
    Mrs. Everdeen-- Judy Greer
    Haymitch-- Jack Black
    Rue-- Madison Pettis
    Effie-- Kristin Chenoweth

  12. L - Judy Greer would make an excellent Mrs. Everdeen. Nice one!

    Who knows? Joaquin Phoenix snapped out of his year long stupid hoax, maybe he'll reestablish his career as Haymitch?

  13. I dont care who gets the part as long as the movie is atlest half as good as the book. I loved the book and im sure the movie wont dissapoint me. Im relly exited about the movie and looking fwd to watch it. Im in LOVE with Suzane Collings. . . Shes the best book writter alive. LOL Peace. . .

  14. I think someone who could work as Effie would be Jayma Mays, the woman who plays Emma Pillsbury on Glee. Just look her up and imagine her in an orange or pink wig and you can probably see it

  15. what about Chord Overstreet for Peeta?

  16. Nice addition Amy. Thanks to everyone for your comments.

  17. I think most of the actors that you posted are too well known for their other roles and are already too old. By the time they actually cast the movie it'll probably be awhile.

    I agree and hope the producers go with undiscovered talent for most main roles.

    But for Haymitch...I was picturing Hugh Grant!


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