Everybody needs a little lovin’…

…and I got it twice. ;)

Yes, I know I know I know, I’m only supposed to be posting once a week now.  I’m not even past the first week and I’m breaking the rules.  Sue me.

But I’ve been loved with two (count them: 1, 2) blog awards this week from some pretty awesome peeps.  So this post is not like real work, or a thought-provoking-give-them-something-good post.  It’s just pure downright thanks for the lovin’.

So here we go:

Thanks to Callie Forrester at Chimera Critiques for awarding me with…

And to Stina Lindenblatt at Seeing Creative for awarding me with…

(She didn’t say which specific award I should get so I picked the purrtyest one of the bunch.)

There are always rules attached to these symbols of love, so I will oblige to half of them.

Here are seven things you may or may not know (or care to know) about me:
1.  Exercise is my drug of choice. 
2.  I believe, with all of my sane-self, that there will be a dystopian/apocalyptic future during my life time. (Now I just sound cuckoo.)
3.  There are times my dreams are so detailed and so real, I wonder if I just passed into an alternate dimension.
4.  I definitely watch and read too many science fiction movies/books.
5.  If I could take my current brain and travel back in time, I’d relive my horrid teenage years.
6.  Speaking of teenage years, hight school boyfriend, you will rue the day you ever broke my heart.
7.  Coffee is a contradiction to my vigilant exercise routine but it is food to my writer soul.

Thanks again ladies for all the love.  I truly appreciate your compliments.