Werdz, Wurts, Words – The Power of Lyrics

What does music and lyrics do to me?  Just like a good book it will take me to a place I might not otherwise find.  And when it does, it taps into a part of me and floods my body with emotions. You can find inspiration in a look, a touch, a book, a movie, a conversation or a picture.  Sometimes I can find it in a lyric, the specific words in a song that strikes a nerve.  Like the line of movie repeated over and over and reminds you, you are alive.

I always need new music, most especially Indie music.  Where do I find my music?  Several places, sometimes from viewers like you.  The best places to find music is from “playlist” of authors I love.  I know it sounds cheesy to create a playlist while you are writing a book but I think they are inspiring. 

Second best place for me to find new music, iTunes Genius.  If you scroll to the bottom of iTunes it will suggest new music you might also like due to what you have purchased in the past.  Also, right after you purchase a song it gives you a list of six more songs that you might like.  I usually take a quick listen and end up finding more music I love.

Here are a few of my downloads as of late:
 (to listen, see playlist below)
Running up that Hill by Placebo
                It is techno buzz meets Lincoln Park.  I don’t know why but I like
                it.  It’s different.
Indian Moon by State Radio (Not on playlist below, sorry.)
Man in the Hall by State Radio
Right Me Up by State Radio
State Radio is very Rastafarian which I usually don’t like because of the overly political messages and smoke’em up ways but I do like these three songs.
Sideways by Citizen Cope
Blues jazz soul…Oh damn.  This song swoons me.  Here are the lyrics in particular that speak to me: “These feelings won’t go away, they’ve been knocking me sideways.”  He is so in love with her that he can’t keep straight on his feet.  Le sigh. 
In the Sun by Joseph Arthur
I love the sound of his voice here.  His words are very poetic and if you like this, you will love his poetry blog.  If you can get past the edgy/scary artwork you will be pleasantly surprised.
Blue Eyes by Cary Brothers
Honestly by Cary Brothers
                From the author Jenny Han these songs are perfect for summer
The Funeral by Band of Horses
Love Story by Taylor Swift
You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift
Okay I know what you are thinking….Taylor Swift is not “Indie” music.  You’re right.  But dang it, I love these songs, especially You Belong With Me.  I feel like putting on my husband’s high school football jersey, throw my hair in pigtails and jumping on the bed while singing this song…ahem…not that I have ever done that but I’m just saying. *girl tucks jersey under the messy bed covers*
Tonight by Lykke Li
This is the same artist who sang Possibility on the New Moon album.  The line I love is “…yesterday, the night before tomorrow.”  It’s a poetic way of saying Tonight.  Ah, swoon.
Back in Your Head by Tegan and Sara
To me this song screams how I felt in high school after I got dumped.  You just want back in the relationship, back in his head.


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