The Secret Handshake

May 10, 2010

In the kitchen the other day my four year old announces to his older brother to do the secret handshake.  Though I want to watch the display, I know I am not allowed to watch.  The last time I tried to, they froze up refusing to show me or else it is not so secret. 

From my periphery I see my nine year old glances over at me.  I continue to poor the glasses of milk for them as if I have nothing else to detain my attention.  When he thinks it is safe, he does a high five/clapping game action followed by a modified fist bump and finished off with a pinky swear. (You can’t have a secret handshake without a pinky swear.) 

I turn and catch the end.  “What was that?”
“Secret handshake.”  they say.
“Yeah, and you can’t do it.” says the four year old. The two boys lock arms around each other’s neck firm I will never know their secret.

But what they really have secretly done is bonded as one.  In unity they have vowed to dedicate themselves to one another; for protection, to comfort in times of fear or to join in a roar of laughter.

Then a story is born inside me.  I see a character in a book I have yet to write come alive.  And I envision this character pulling strength from this memory.  So I tuck it away in my projects file.  I’m not sure when I will use it but when I do, I will build an amazing story from something so simple.

Where do your stories come from?

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  1. What a cute, funny, beautiful little example. I have no idea where my stories come from but I wish I could recall such a wonderful example.

  2. How cute! That's how my stories start--from something simple. And then they just to build and build inside my head until I have to sit down and write it.

  3. Awwww, that is a precious story! My stories begin in moments just like that. :-)

  4. Ooo, that sounds like a good one. I get little ideas from my kids sometimes too (usually not whole story ideas though).

  5. How cool! You're a great mom, and an observant writer!

  6. Very cool and your boys sound so cute. Story ideas can come from anywhere. I just got an idea for a story when I was at book club. It was just something as simple as my friend talking about the trip she's going to take and the gears in my brain begin to spin. It's always good to keep our eyes and ears open - even if we're not allowed to, right?

  7. THanks everybody for commenting. You all have such sweet complementary words. I know as writers we all find our stories in the strangest of events around us and I wanted to share one of mine.


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