HELLO. My name is....

May 24, 2010

Hi everyone!  I'm Dana Elmendorf, mother of two, happily married, YA writer who is ready for the big leagues.  So when you no longer see Girl with One Eye commenting on your posts, just know I've tucked her away in my pocket and she will still be there at heart.  

Why did I finally decide to let go of my pseudonym?  Well, I plan on attending the SCBWI writers conference in LA at the end of July.  I need to make sure my blog presence is established by then and the best way to do so is be me.  

Thanks to everyone who never questioned my cover id.  We'll have plenty more days ahead of us to get to know each other as real people.

Have a Happy Monday!  Happy Writing!
Your Blogger Buddy,
Dana Elmendorf

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  1. Ah, the problems with anonymity. I'm glad you decided to unveil yourself, so to speak!

  2. Hi Dana. Very nice to meet you! Enjoy the sun. :)

  3. *waves* Hi, Dana. I've always liked Girl with One Eye, too!

  4. Hi Dana! Have fun at the conference!

  5. Hi Dana! I did the same thing, leaving a trail of Dreamstate all over the place before I came out as Jenna. Glad to know the real you!

  6. Hello, Dana. My little secret is I like making up names for folks who blog anonymously. I've been thinking of you as Cate, so now I need to make a mental adjustment. :-)

    I secretly name all my fellow train commuters too. LOL.

  7. Hi Dana, nice to meet you :)

  8. well HELLO DANA! it's a pleasure to meet you!!

    ;D ;D

    ^^ i'm super smooth, uh huh.

  9. I liked the girl with one eye - but like knowing your real name even better.

  10. Thanks everybody. You all make me feel warm and fuzzy like I'm standing up in front of a "Writer's Anonymous" meeting, "Hello. My name is Dana. I'm a book addict."

    Everyone "Hi Dana."

    Laurel - dude that is a corky habit. I think I might give that habit to one of my characters in my next book. Do I have your permission to immortalize your corkiness in a book? ;)

  11. The reason I first read you blog was because of your pseudonym. Anyone that names herself after a Florence and the machine song HAS to be checked out ;-) Dana is a good name too thou!

  12. Lina - Oh yes baby, a friend of Florence's is a friend of mine! I love their sound. Glad Dana works for you too but it doesn't have that punch, you know like with a fist. Haha, I'm a nerd.


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