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May 19, 2010

Let's be honest, do you really care what I HAVE versus what I WANT ? No. But here I write about it anyway. But maybe it will lure you a little more if is about my "to do's" instead my actual possessions.

The way I look at it sleep sucks up makes up a third of my day, on a good day. Out of my 16 hours of back breaking work sunshine, this is what I HAVE to do: (In no particular order and not with complaint just obligation. Well maybe a tiny grumble.)

  1. cook, feed, eat
  2. clean, launder and repeat (or an attempt to appear I cleaned at some point)
  3. care for ______ (fill in blank). Popular items at my house: neglected fish (singular, all the others died) or dying potted plants (See a theme here?)
  4. socialize (people already think I live under a rock)
  5. shower (though I enjoy the benefits, I hate the process)
  6. microwave my coffee, again
  7. tend to elderly dog (17 years running.  Not literally.)
  8. keep family entertained and happy (Oy vey!  That will wear you out. Hence my 1/3 devoted to the pillow.)
Things I want to do. Besides shop, read my fashion magazines or decorate my home, I want to do a million writer things. What the writer in me WANTS to do:
  1. blog, post, read blogs, comment (like the morning paper to some, it's my blog world for me.)
  2. read another novel (get wrapped up in the drug high from flood of [fill in blank with emotion])
  3. write, revise, edit my WIP (it's work it fun, work, fun, work, fun)
  4. find a dream agent (not query just define)
  5. make a list of agents whom I want to query one day
  6. write a short story for publication
  7. write my query letter
  8. write a synopsis for my book
  9. finish my writer website
  10. write that other idea I started one morning after a dream
  11. critique for my partner in crime Diana
  12. take a creative writing class
  13. join a local critique group
  14. oh yeah! get published
I try to quiet the impatient voice that thinks all the above should have been done yesterday. All things take time and I am sure all of us experience life at some point. It happens when we least expect it and sometimes it takes away from our writer wants. Eventually we get back on track until derailed by life, and so is the cycle of a writer’s life.

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  1. OK. I get it, but I still like List Two better.

  2. Girl, I totally relate to this post! :-)

  3. I begrudge every hour I am forced to sleep. Dadgummit. I know what you mean about liking the results of the shower and hating the process. Life just takes too dadburned long.

    Good luck on the want-to list!

  4. Yes! I'm so relating to this right now.

    I hope you get to list number two soon!

  5. Sadly, I'm also a self-proclaimed plant killer and like you, fish have died by my hand (or lack of food dropping from it). Which is why I remind the kids THEY are responsible for feeding the dog...
    Winged Writer

  6. One of my favorite sayings is: Life keeps getting in the way of my other plans."

    I can't remember if I read that somewhere or if I actually made it up. It sounds too clever for me, so I'm guessing I read it. Lol...

    Strangely enough, I too have a fish that rarely gets fed. It never dies though. It's like a walking/swimming miracle. As are any plants that manage to survive in my house. My cycle with my plants is to only water them when they are all brown and on death's door. They happily revive themselves, only to be almost killed again. Poor plants. Pothos plants--they're almost impossible to kill!

    Oh, by the way, thanks for the nice words on the last post. :) I don't know how "energized" my writing is, but if you want to check out my first chapter it's posted on my site. Just go to "staff" click "Callie Forester" and a link for Chapter one will come up.

    Feel free to not go read it. Haha. I mean, it's kind of a pain in the ass. I only mentioned it cause you asked. :)

    Be sure to come enter our contest though. Our chimera needs a name!

  7. Betty – Laundry & dishes vs writing stuff, um no contest.

    Shannon – It’s a struggle not to abandon list one for list two, isn’t it?

    Cynthia – Shhh, some days I skip showers. Don’t tell anyone.

    Jamie – Sick little boy still at home. It looks like next week before I’ll get to that list.

    Catherine – “Lack there of” is the reason for death in this household. My nine year old wants a new dog and guinea pig and lizard and …there would be so much carnage that we’d start call this place a cemetery instead of a home.

    Callie – I will go check your chapter out. I am interested. I checked out your blog/webpage. Naming of the Chimera, I came up with dumb names like Ethel and Rutabaga. I don’t think you want me naming anything.

  8. haha...I kind of like Rutabaga. Not Ethel though, cause he's a guy!


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