Goodnight Kiddos

May 31, 2010

Hey guys, I'm flipping off the lights and locking up for the week.  Momma needs to focus on her WIP but I'll be back next Monday with a fun useless poll regarding Mockingjay and some zombie discussions.  I'll miss you all my little darlings.  Goodnight, don't let the zombies bite.



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  1. Have a great unplugged week. I hope it's very productive!

  2. Thanks Natalie. *crosses fingers*

  3. oooo I'm so jealous. I want an unplugged week!!!

    Best wishes for your WIP! ;)

  4. Olleymae, don't be too jealous. I've spent half the week working on my first 15 pages for the SCBWI LA conference and completing my one page synopsis on my novel. Oy vey, that was tough!

  5. Hey--I hope you come back to check this. Rutebaga was one of the top three names picked in our contest. The voting is going on now, and you stand a great chance of winning. Congrats!

    I already voted for it. :)Don't forget to stop by and vote and tell your friends to come vote as well!!

    Good luck on your work this week. I just joined BuNoWriMo--50,000 words in a month. Yikes!! :)It's my first try at something like this...but I was already more than half done my book, so if I make it I should be done (except the edits) by the end of this month. Fingers crossed. :)

    Hope to see you on the site so I know you got this! :) congrats again! (And you thought we wouldn't like your names!)

  6. I hope you are working hard on your pages for the conference!

    I also hope we get to see notes (here) from the conference, when you return. :) (*hint hint*)

    Most of all, I hope you have FUN, learn a lot, and make a lot of writing friends!

    Happy Weekend!

  7. Callie - I voted for Rutebaga. I can't believe you guys liked that but it just fit.

    Lola - you are so darn sweet. I finished my 15pages and one page synopisis (holy moly, that was hard) but I did it and I feel pretty good about it. And you better believe I'll be taking notes and sharing EVERYthing with you lovely people. I'm hoping to have blog posts for weeks after that.
    I'm so freaking excited!

  8. Hey...congrats on finishing your stuff! I've done a bunch of beta reading, so if you need someone to look it over, I'd be happy to help you out. :)

    In other news, we are having another fun contest on our site.:) Come win a $25.00 I-tunes gift card. All you have to do is add a song lyric to the story we're writing. Hope to see you over there--the contest ends Thurs. :)

    The other contest (for the Chimera's name) ends on the sixteenth--but we might end it on the eleventh. I'll let you know. :) Last time I checked, Rutebaga was only one vote away from the top spot, so it could still go either way. :)


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