Blog Link Lovin'

I have found I really enjoy Nathan Bransford "This Week in Publishing" Fridays. As you can conclude, he takes a week in publishing and highlights all the hot topics that we, his readers, might find of interest.  I have found some really plump and juicy blogs through the "click here to read" links he offers.  From there I find more interesting reads, etc. etc.

In honor of his themed Fridays I dub my Fridays: "Blog Link Lovin'" Fridays.  I'll wrap up my week in a bundle of love by telling you about the blogs/posts that got me to thinking. Here are a few:

dear jenny han blog by Jenny Han
The author of the summer i turned pretty .  First of all, her blog is on Tumblr.  If you have never experienced that blogging world it is quite different from our "classic" blogging community over here at Blogger.  It is very artistic and posts are more random drops of imagination with the occasional lengthy "i have something to say" posts.  My favorite posts of hers are when she quotes something from her tween diary.  I laugh so hard because she sums up what I would have written if I had kept a diary during that time.   Her website is pretty cool too.

I woke up this morning. by Editorial Ass
See Stephenie Meyer, you think you are unique because you had a dream and wrote a book but that is what a lot of us writers do.  You don't get any "uniqueness" points for that. I find these lucid moments are not stifled by logics since most dreams are off the charts wack!  Yeah, that is probably why Einstein did opium.  

The "Dream" Agent by Natalie Balm
I have yet to create my agent list much less determined which agent would be my "dream" agent.  I don't want to get the cart before the horse.  I figure as I get closer to query time I'll do all that.  In Natalie's post she gives me some meaty questions to ask myself before I settle on just one.

TH. Mafi call me tahereh by Tahereh
I love love LOVE this girl. I want to be this girl, talk like this girl, think like her. I want slip into her room, try on her shoes and...ahem, okay. If you're not stalking her you should be. She's clever funny, uniquely individual and all things positive. Her force in the universe will pay itself forward. And she has a great contest going right now.