The Blog Cup Does NOT Runneth Over

What should I blog about? Do you find yourself asking the same thing? Even the greats have this issue.  Like Bethany Wiggins at Shooting Stars, see here.  

Though my WIP comes first and blog second, I don’t want to disappoint or bore my reader to death.  I started this blog to journal about my writing journey.  When I got my first follower I was SHOCKED because I couldn’t believe anyone wanted to read what I had to say (besides my beloved friends and family, Hi Season!)  And when I started this blog I was at the end of my first book so time was more readily available.

But that was then and now, if I have a free moment, I want to spend it writing.  Doing anything else is second.  In doing so I found my posts don’t have the umph they did before and it sometimes feels like work to come up with something clever or interesting to say.  Mostly because I save all my creative juices for my WIP, thus y’all get a lagging blog.  I also noticed my comments have trickled off to a minimum and my follower’s numbers creeps slower than a snail at a red light.  I told myself I didn’t care.  I’m here for me to journal and if someone finds it interesting then it is just icing on the cake.  But I do care. 

There are other things that I can factor in to rationalize why the comments and followers have slowed.
  1. I changed the “rules” of the game (for myself). When someone comments, I don’t always comment on their blog.  I’m still okay with my rule change but I do think it affects my numbers. 
  2. I’m not out there commenting on other blogs like I used too. I don’t even really have the time to read other blogs since I have chosen to spend my time on my WIP.  But again, I’m ok with not commenting because my WIP is my priority, so I will continue to keep that focus. 
  3. My posts just aren’t interesting. That, I can try to fix. ("try" key word here)
There is only so long I can write about my journey that even I start to get bored.  So I’m going to talk about anything and everything that has to do with writing, which is kind of my journey since I discover these things along the way.  Most importantly though, I want to blog about what fuels and excites me, what I find interesting and if along the way you get bored, give my blog a break and come back to it later.

Stay tuned this week for:
  • Why do I write? I don’t have a poetic answer.
  • Werdz, Wurts, Words - The Power of Lyrics (My personal downloads and how they speak to me, most especially affect my writing. Lots of goodies I promise.)
  • Book Review: It’s Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han (Oh swoon!)
  • Blog Link Love (Blogs and posts I’m loving lately and I have to share.)

Where do you go for blog post inspiration?