Holy Freak Out...in a can.

May 28, 2010

This summer I plan to attend the SCBWI conference in LA and I paid the additional fees to have the first 15 pages of my manuscript critiqued. Recently my critique partner reminded me that our critiques are due some time in June.  In the back of my mind I flagged this date around the end of the month.  Wednesday morning I went to their website to get the full details of exactly when it is due.


It is due June 9th! NOT postmarked by June 9th but DUE in their pretty little hands by that day.  *inhales the contents of an empty paper sack*

I am not even through with my WIP (67% complete) and though I have given my first few chapters to my critique partner, I have NOT gone back to edit them yet. (I am faithfully waiting until the end to have distance and perspective.)  My CP and I have have discovered there are a few flaws.  Yes shocker, my first draft is not perfect.  But for me, it is the beginning that needs the most work.  The "hook" is M.I.A. and the "direction" is out to lunch.

So Wednesday morning I put on my rubber gloves, grabbed a scalpel and dissected my first two chapters.  It got a makeover and a three page haircut but I feel pretty solid.

*she sweats until she hears from Diana*.

Now all I have to do is my one page synopsis.

*grabs above can and sprays away*
*uses paper sack again*


Here's more lovin' for you bloggers out there.

12 Greatest Literary One-Hit Wonders by The Huffington Post 
Very interesting.  You've heard of One-Hit Wonders on the radio but for books?  Some of them I recognize, others I have never heard of.  Check it out and let them know what you think.

How to Critique:  It's All In the Way You Say It by Query Tracker Blog
I think Carolyn Kaufmann gives a great "sandwich" example of how to critique someone's work.  Common sense and politeness can go a long way.  An remember, they are just asking your opinion.  And we know what they say about opinions...

Query Letters:  Links to Examples from gabrielleluthy.com 
No I am not ready to query yet, but I'm getting myself ready.  In doing so I found this webpage full of links of to "how to query" and examples.  Maybe there you will find something helpful.  (Her website is adorable. I love girl hanging out in a giant Margarita glass.  Too cute..)

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  1. hang in there, love! you can do it!!

    deep, calm breaths!!

    *big hug*


    i promise ;)

  2. Matt - it's just nerve racking. THanks.

    Tahereh - Yes breathe, I think once I get over this first have-a-professional-read-my-work hump, I'l be okay. But if I want be pro some day I've got step up. Thanks for your encouragement.

  3. I'm so jealous! I'm dying to go to a conference!! The synopsis is pretty overwhelming to me too, I suck at summarizing things. I'm sure you'll get it together though...:)

  4. I so identify with having a vague notion of when something is scheduled and then having a panic attack when it's suddenly right around the corner! I am so loving your holy freak out in a can, lol!

  5. I find that's the BEST way for me to get my butt in gear and revise! If I don't have a deadline, months go by!
    Way to go getting down and doing it!
    (and I'm so jealous of your trip to LA SCBWI!! Please tell all for us less fortunate)

  6. Nothing like a looming deadline to perk us up and get our motor running! You'll be fine.

  7. I might come to LA next summer, rather than this summer.

    I have a conference this week, and thankfully there's no homework for the track I chose. Even though I'm an active writer, I'd rather listen to speakers or do writing exercises when I'm there (not before I attend).

  8. Ahh! I don't blame you for sweating about it while you wait! The first time Di critiqued my story I nearly had a nervous breakdown (kidding... mostly).

    I'm sure your first 15 are fabulous =)

  9. Dysf. Mom – Thanks for stopping by. I loved riffling through your blog. You had lots of goodies.

    Terry – Talk about jealous, you live in the forest most of your days. Peace and serenity trump conference. But I’ll be sure to rub it in, ahem, I mean tell you about the conference when I return.

    Lisa – Yes, I will survive but would love to kick my butt for not planning better.

    Medeia – Well I am trying to take advantage of the opportunity and I know it will pay off in the long run.

    Natalie – hey tweeter buddy! Di is the best in the whole world, I truly adore that woman. She has got skills. And the only reason my first 15 are fabulous, (if they are), is because she guided me the whole way.


Love hearing from my friends.♥

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