Taking a week to UNPLUG

April 12, 2010

I can't tell you how excited I am to take a week off from blogging.  Not because I don't adore every single one of you but because I GOING TO WRITE!

Two weeks of hell kiddos on spring break and I am ready to send them back to school.  (I just hope when I push them out of the car at the curb they won't get the wrong impression. Maybe they should wear their skateboard pads this morning, hum).  Who said that?  I swear I think there are other people talking in here.  Anyway, I love them (kiddos that is) but my writing is therapy (along with my exercise) and I need a "children break". (That's what us stay at home moms call school.)

Okay dearies, I see you loves next week.  Have a nice one.  Muah!  (that's a kiss in text)

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  1. Have a great break! Happy writing!

  2. Have fun! Give us a report when you come back!

  3. Have a wonderful unplugged week! Hope you get lots and lots written!

  4. My Spring break/Easter holiday turned into DIY-fest. I had writing in mind, that's probably why the gloss painting went so slowly. ;)

  5. Bye!! Don't worry, we'll watch the place while you're gone! *Starts looking through the cubbards*

  6. Oh you lovely followers to send me good well wishes! Muah!

    Christine - thank you doll, today was...Oh Happy Day! thanks

    Betty - Yes ma'am, I'll report as soon as I return. I have a writing dilema I'll blog about next week so I'll need y'all to help.

    Angie - I got 2000 words written today. I think that's a pretty good start, do you? I have a preschooler so I have Wednesday and Thursday to write again. cross your fingers the muse fuels me.

    Elaine - Me too! I rewired a ceiling fan to be on a remote light switch, changed out a fixture to the master bath and touch up painted all the smudges and marks from tiny child oops'. (just a fyi...hubby has no, i repeat NO mechanical skills so it was all me. Thank you very much.) But you were smarter than me, I didn't think on my story, DOH! I should have.

    DL- Uh huh...you've pilfered through my stuff before. I've got your number Mr. Sneaky, I've got special locks on my stuff this time baby! Try to get some dirt on me if you can...**oh man, hope he doesn't find my first WIP. Eeck!**

  7. hope you're having a great break! We'll be here when you get back.

  8. Yeah, I totally get the break from spring break thing. I'm already wondering how we're going to make it through summer. I hope you have a fabulous unplugged week! I just got back from a 5 week blogging vacation and it was such productive time.


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