Taking a week to UNPLUG

I can't tell you how excited I am to take a week off from blogging.  Not because I don't adore every single one of you but because I GOING TO WRITE!

Two weeks of hell kiddos on spring break and I am ready to send them back to school.  (I just hope when I push them out of the car at the curb they won't get the wrong impression. Maybe they should wear their skateboard pads this morning, hum).  Who said that?  I swear I think there are other people talking in here.  Anyway, I love them (kiddos that is) but my writing is therapy (along with my exercise) and I need a "children break". (That's what us stay at home moms call school.)

Okay dearies, I see you loves next week.  Have a nice one.  Muah!  (that's a kiss in text)