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April 23, 2010

They were my staple in high school and they are my staple now.  Of coarse my t-shirts have evolved from the squared off v-neck tee to a more stylish "flatter my broad shoulders and cinch my waist" cut but none the less, it is my daily uniform.  

I have a fetish with jeans, incase you didn't know (see here.)  In high school it was the "MC hammer days" (and that's the closest you'll ever get to my age) and baggy jeans were "in."  My dad always complained, "why don't you wear jeans that fit, tighter jeans?"  Really dad?  You were encouraging me to wear tighter clothing?  That's cool.  I was a stick in high school so those baggy jeans on me looked like "I date the line backer on the football team, grab a rope to hold them up" boyfriend jeans of now.  But don't let the jeans fool you, I girl them up just fine...accessorize!

Well as much as I love jeans talk, I have a point.  My WIP is a dystopian book.  And in this bleak future the one thing that does not exist is jeans.   My novel starts ten years after a cataclysmic event so jeans should still be around, right?  (I have a pair of French Connection jeans that old at least.  Mint I tell you, condition not color.)  Now I didn't do this on purpose but I notice that the clothing my MC wears is a cargo pant; brown, khaki or gray.  Her shirt is a white tank, because it's hot there but sometimes covered in an oversized button up shirt (to protect her skin from the prickly hairs of the tomato plants.)  So in my mind's vision, I can picture all these people in the story and not one person is wearing jeans.  The horror!

"Why?" you ask.  I guess if the world stops existing as we know it (no technology, electricity, modern conveniences) they might as well take away my jeans.  I mean, if it's going to be hell on earth that would include, no jeans.

What do the clothes in your book say about you?
EDIT: Good point Dominique (see comment below) What do the clothes in your book say about your MC?

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  1. Well, mine are naked most of the time...

    Just kidding!

  2. My MC has three articles of clothing to which I refer on a regular basis: practical boots, gray knit cap, and a crucifix that was her mother. She also wears brown pants and a blouse, but those don't get mentioned as often.

    All I can imagine this says about me is that it correlates with my love of practicality and getting things done. Admittedly, I might dress like that. But I think the clothes say more about my MC than me.

  3. Funny, unless I consciously think about it, I don't really "see" what my characters are wearing -- unless it furthers the plot. I'll have to give it more thought.

  4. I'm with Cynthia, I don't see many clothes either. Not that my characters are running around naked or anything! LOL

  5. mostly, my mc's end up wearing mukluks, fur hats and anoraks. I think that shows they're smart so they don't freeze in the places I put them!

  6. Betty - Oh you know your characters are half dressed. jk

    Dominique - so true, what does it say about the character. I edited my question from you comment, thanks.

    Cynthia - I barely mention what they wear but I have to know, in my mind before I write it because clothing defines people more than they know. It defines their mood. ON vacation I take a ridiculous amount of clothes and when my husband says "Do you really need all that?" My response is always "well I don't know what mood I'll be in."

    Anissa - You people with the naked characters! You don't have to write what they are wearing but you don't think about it when your writing? Maybe I'm the odd ball here.

    Terry - Yes, stay warm or freeze to death. No naked characters here. :)

  7. Doesn't it depend on the day and what you're doing? I hope so because I don't want to dress up to walk across the hall to my office. ;) So maybe my clothes say I'm a stay-at-home writer.


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