SCBWI 2010 Summer Conference in LA, are you going?

April 07, 2010

I'm so excited!  My first writer's conference!!!! I joined SCBWI about two weeks ago and I can't wait to get networking.  You hear about writer's finding their agent at conference, I'm sure not the norm but it inspired me to set a new goal for myself.

One day I will have publishing deadlines (the thought freaks me out).  Why not give myself a deadline for my book.  Not just finish my book but have it finished, critiqued, redacted, reviewed, cleaned, and polished by the conference.  I'm halfway through writing it, so I think this is a plausible goal for me.  You never know when a pitching opportunity can come about and if I am finished, I will be ready.

To learn more about SCBWI go here or more about the conference go here.  They also have a conference blog here.

Do you plan to attend?  

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  1. If I wrote childrens books, I would totally go, if for no other reason than to visit LA. I do intend on going to a conference this year though...just have to pick the right one.

    I'm glad you have a goal you feel you can achieve. No better motivation!

  2. "childrens books" that title bugs me but I know it is common to include YA in that category, which is what I write. Yes, I know under 18 classifies as minor but I guess the 16 year old in me still baulks at being called a child.

    Okay now that I totally sound offended I'm not, just to clarify.

  3. I wish I could. Sounds wonderful. Take business cards with you to pass around. And network as much as you can. :)

  4. Wish I could go! It would be awesome. But alas, duty calls, er rather, my three young children wouldn't have a babysitter.

  5. Kathi - I am having special personal business cards printed up to take with me. I'm so excited.

    Bethany - oh snag! those pesky little angels. I was hopping to meet some blog big wigs during conference. Maybe next time.

  6. I'm going!!! Can't wait to register. Only a few more days to go.:)


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