Prepping for the Muse

Next week the kids will be back in school and I plan to take my blog break then.   BUT… my writing muse has slowed down on my current WIP.  Something I didn’t see coming because (though I knew it was inevitable) prior to the last two weeks, I’ve been writing 3-4K a week.  I’m now at about 40K, *halfway there dance. Woot Woot!*  To be ready for my writing time next week, I’m prepping myself to tap into my muse. 

Resolving myself of all Duties – This means I need to have all the laundry done, house clean, children nurtured, hubby loved so when I sit down, there will not be any guilt for what I should be doing instead of writing.  Something I try to do before every writing day but life does happen.

Download New Music – I can’t function without new music, new Indie music to be more specific.  It’s like my second crack addiction, because I burn through new music like a junkie.  Downloading new music feeds my soul therefore puts me in a creative state of mind.  In this state, I feel moved, inspired, rejuvenated all things that will bring out the muse.

Make Time for Thinking – Once I clear my plate and download some tunes, I will take time to think, about my story.  This will probably happen while I’m doing cardio at the gym or my favorite place, riding in the car, especially if I’m alone.  But taking time to think about what happens next readies my mind for what to write.

I’m sure I’ll come up with more things to help prep me but I’d like to hear your ideas.  What do you do to call upon the muse?