My Week (and then some) Blog Break

It was not as fruitful as I wished but progressive so I can’t complain…too much.  

There are just not enough hours in the day for me, ever.  Or like someone once commented “or too many hours needed for sleep.”  I wrote about 4K words and edited three chapters for my critique partner (where I cut about 3K so I net 1K, ugh), who always gives me the most invaluable advice.  And she is like an encyclopedia of all things writerly.  (My made up word and I copyright it here and now.  If you use it, give me credit.)  I did spend a lot of time thinking about what happens next in my story, though I don’t allow myself to dive too far into the future, I am pleased with the ideas I came up with.

I did come to the sad realization that my goal to have my book complete by SCBWI convention in LA is not going to happen.  Now, I do feel my first draft will be complete by then but it will not be ready to share with agents.  But hopefully I will snag the ear of an agent or two and win them over with my writerly whit,   (yes I just threw that in there) so later when I come to call with my query letter they will be like “oh yes her, the dazzling writerly whit girl.”  Okay, okay I’ll stop.  But it’s my fantasy, let me believe whatever.