The Magic Button on My Butt and A Little About Me

The Magic Button on My Butt
The last two weeks the sweet little angel monsters (ugh, lots of telling modifiers there) that I gave birth to have been out for spring break.  This results in less than 1000 words written on my WIP.  During this Mom-I-need-(fill in blank) two weeks (aka Spring Break, I think it's cruel to call it a "break") I have been reminded of my original child birth theory. 

In the process of growing a baby in my belly, I also grew an invisible magic button on my butt.  It’s simple really.   I sit down, it alerts the children and violá, they need something.   Now I raise self reliant boys but it never fails the moment I put my butt to the surface, “Mom!” and I’m up again.  Just a theory I have.  On with the show...

A Little about Me
I’ve noticed I share a common trend amongst other writers.  We have a creative gene that goes beyond writing.  We all enjoy doing something artistic/creative.  Some enjoy scrapbooking, knitting, photography and much more.  Here is what I love doing, when I have the time and I’m not writing.

Designing Jewelry – A few years ago I started my own company and loved the creative side of making jewelry but the demand for mass production stilted me.  I've studied to be a glass artist and I can melt glass into beautiful beads, see here.

Decorating – I enjoy interior design and I stroll through design magazines all the time.  My personal style is French Country/Urban Loft.  The juxtaposition of the two really speaks to me.

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion – I love Fashion!  Layers of clothing and accessories are like art to me.  I make style files for different looks, accessories, and jewelry.  Yes, I love shopping but it’s not just shopping.  In the last year I have really honed in on my personal style and what looks good on me and I feel great.

Painting – Alas, an art I have neglected in the last few years.  Well I can’t do it all.  And of all my talents, painting is my least skilled but I still enjoy it.  I hope to do more in the future with painting but for now, it sits on the shelf (with that first book I wrote.  Hey, at least they have each other.)

I also enjoy a lot of other hobbies but these are the artistic hobbies I do.  So what artistic things do you do for fun when you’re not writing?