The Magic Button on My Butt and A Little About Me

April 10, 2010

The Magic Button on My Butt
The last two weeks the sweet little angel monsters (ugh, lots of telling modifiers there) that I gave birth to have been out for spring break.  This results in less than 1000 words written on my WIP.  During this Mom-I-need-(fill in blank) two weeks (aka Spring Break, I think it's cruel to call it a "break") I have been reminded of my original child birth theory. 

In the process of growing a baby in my belly, I also grew an invisible magic button on my butt.  It’s simple really.   I sit down, it alerts the children and violá, they need something.   Now I raise self reliant boys but it never fails the moment I put my butt to the surface, “Mom!” and I’m up again.  Just a theory I have.  On with the show...

A Little about Me
I’ve noticed I share a common trend amongst other writers.  We have a creative gene that goes beyond writing.  We all enjoy doing something artistic/creative.  Some enjoy scrapbooking, knitting, photography and much more.  Here is what I love doing, when I have the time and I’m not writing.

Designing Jewelry – A few years ago I started my own company and loved the creative side of making jewelry but the demand for mass production stilted me.  I've studied to be a glass artist and I can melt glass into beautiful beads, see here.

Decorating – I enjoy interior design and I stroll through design magazines all the time.  My personal style is French Country/Urban Loft.  The juxtaposition of the two really speaks to me.

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion – I love Fashion!  Layers of clothing and accessories are like art to me.  I make style files for different looks, accessories, and jewelry.  Yes, I love shopping but it’s not just shopping.  In the last year I have really honed in on my personal style and what looks good on me and I feel great.

Painting – Alas, an art I have neglected in the last few years.  Well I can’t do it all.  And of all my talents, painting is my least skilled but I still enjoy it.  I hope to do more in the future with painting but for now, it sits on the shelf (with that first book I wrote.  Hey, at least they have each other.)

I also enjoy a lot of other hobbies but these are the artistic hobbies I do.  So what artistic things do you do for fun when you’re not writing?

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  1. I've got that button too!!! It seems to be particularly sensitive when I am trying to eat.

    Your beads are beautiful (and the bracelets too). I've always been fascinated by glass but truly do not need one more hobby. My creative pursuits are polymer clay, jewelry making, photography, and a little bit of quilting (love the artistry of the finished product but hate the tedium of sewing to get there).

  2. Beautiful beads! I won't ask about that button on your butt, but is it al least decorative? I thought that was hilarious!

  3. Beautiful jewelry. I don't do anything creative full time. I dabble in things. Sometimes I scrapbook, sometimes I crochet. Mostly all my energies go into writing and reading. I used to enjoy making cards, posters and flyers. Haven't done that in awhile though. I wish I could figure out my style of clothing. Good to get to know you better.

  4. These are beautiful creations, just like the angelic little monsters.

  5. Where EXACTLY is this button located on the nether-parts so that I can disengage it on me??? Now I know why I can't get any writing done! LOL!

    Your designs are beautiful! As for me, besides writing, the only thing that speaks to me is photography ... you wouldn't know it when you look at how few pix I have of The Kiddo, but for years I built up quite a portfolio.

  6. LOL magic button ^_^
    Heh, now that you mention it, yeah I think a lot of writers have artistic/creative hobbies on the side. I do enjoy a lot of artistic/creative stuff on the side :D

  7. Jenna – I knew I wasn’t alone! Yes, very sensitive at meal times. Thank you for your compliments. I tried polymer clay because I sculpted clay growing up but polymer doesn’t like me. Ah photography, I want to learn how. It’s on my list to learn how to do someday.

    Betty - Thank you! No Betty, it ain’t pretty but at least it’s not bulgy.

    Mary – Hi love, how are you? None of my hobbies are “full time” but maybe I dabble in them once a month? Crochet, baffles me, I’ve tried and dang it, I’m too much of a perfectionist and can’t have my work crooked. Ugh, I’m jealous.

    Elaine – You’re sweet, thank you.

    Cynthia – Girlfriend, if I knew I’d be making a post about. Heck, I’d put it in a book and sell my secret for profit to all the other mothers in the world. Photography, I was just writing to Jenna up there, that I want learn how some day. Great photography can make the most simple objects look artistic.

    L.E. – Magic Butt button is common amongst mothers I find. And I guess writers have that creative gene or need to be artistic above and beyond their words, so we take up other hobbies to fill that need.

  8. That glass-work is stunning.
    Gorgeous beads!

  9. Thank you Al! You're very kind. I do miss making them but it's just not an effective use of my time right now. 1 bead can take an hour. Ugh.

  10. Those are beautiful!! You're creative side always finds an outlet in something amazing :)


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