It was the way she tugged at his jacket that spoke to me.

April 28, 2010

I was jealous.  He was mesmerized by what we were doing.  She didn't mind but she wanted his attention, all of it.  When she gently tugged at the zipper of his hoodie, it broke the spell.  He looked at her and his cheeks rounded with a smile.  His gaze locked back on her.  Just like she liked it.  Just like he liked it too.

I wanted to stare at them.  Watch them longer.  To see how he adored her because he did.  And I couldn't tell if she deserved it because I had to turn away.  But I let them linger in my peripheral.  He casually looked at the objects on the table for sale.  The soft part between his knuckles found the back or her arm.  He ran his hand down her arm and slipped her hand in his.  He didn't even have to lay eyes on her to do so, just having her near he knew where to reach.

That's what I miss.  That time in life with no responsibilities.  Life existed in the small moments with a boyfriend.  That's why I write YA.

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  1. Wowza. Good scene setting -- I could definitely see it! And yes, don't we all wish we could stay in that sort of love forever? But the love I have with The Husband, though on the outer surface appears mundane, is restful, because he KNOWS me -- not just my body, but my moods. I'm blessed!

  2. Exactly. You nailed those moments where you exist for and with someone so entirely. I loved where he didn't even have to look at her to know where she was. I remember that. That is such magic. Le sigh.

  3. Sorry guys for taking so long to comment back. Hubby is out of town and kid duty is numero uno.

    Cynthia - Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I know what you mean about the hubby thing, how that love grows into something solid and secure but I have to be honest, its the obligations we have the mundane it and if we were free, I think we'd make out like 17 year olds every day. Tehe - so I'd like to hope.

    Wendy - that moment I was describing was what I observed at the street fair I went to last weekend. I was doing a boxing demo for our gym and that couple caught my eye. I felt like a pervert for watching them but for me, it was all research. Taking that moment and translating it in my writing, in my book. As I love to steal your phrase, Le sigh.


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