I HATE SPAM! Get out of my comments!

April 27, 2010

So lately I've been hit with spam in my comments.  Like every other day.  So I turned back on the "type in this word when you comment".  Well it didn't help.  Can someone please tell me if/when you comment on my blog do you get the prompt to input the special picture word?  Secondly, are any of you having to deal with this?

Unfortunately that means I will be forced to turn on my comment moderator for a while.  So if you don't see your comments instantly know it's because I'm weeding out the annoying worthless SPAM!!!!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE:  Amalia saved me.  I will try moderating posts older than a couple of days since my spam is usually not on current posts.  Hopefully this will solve it!  Thanks Amaila!

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  1. Are you getting hit by the spam on the same day posts? If they're hitting older posts you can turn moderation on for posts that are say, one day old, or three days old. You should be able to delete the comments on other posts by going to the comment on your blog and hitting the little trash can next to it when you're logged in.

    and yes, there is definite word verification for me to post this comment! Occasionally I get weird Chinese spam and I have comment moderation on, too.

  2. THANK YOU Amelia! I have never seen the tiny trash can. No it is older posts so good point on the moderation for older posts only. I might switch that. Thanks.

  3. Of course it would be polite if I actually spelled your name correctly Amalia! Sorry and thanks again.

  4. Wouldn't be awkward...and hilarious...if one of your followers was named SPAM. :)

  5. Leave it to DL to come up with that comment. ;)

    I *knocks wood* haven't had any problems with getting spammed. (Ew. That sounds like someone just threw Spam at me.)

    This post makes me want to break out in song, the Spam song! Spam Spam spam spam...

    Great blog. I'm new here.


  6. OH!!! I get so mad at SPAM. The one post they like a lot on my blog is one for a sandwich filling I made once. SPAM---Sandwich Filling. Could they be smarter than we give them credit for? hummmmmm...

  7. I feel your pain. I've set my comments so that you need permission to post after 3 days. That solved the problem. I found the spam only hit my older posts. :)

  8. People were telling me they were annoyed that they had to type in the word verification so I did what you did and removed it, two minutes after I had two spam comments on multiple older posts, I put it right back on and haven't had a problem since!

    I hope you fix your problem and I have no problem doing the word verfication! I've been lurking around your blog just now have had time to comment!!! Sorry :(

  9. I'm so glad I could help! I hope it does the job! :)


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