Has your WIP had a physical lately?

April 06, 2010

After having a Critique Doctor review my WIP (btw, Diana liked my new piece), I found it suffers from a few common illnesses.  My WIP is like an old bag lady that hasn’t had a physical in twenty years; some of her ailments are creepy.  Here are a few things your doctor might check for:

rhinoredundancy virus [rahy-noh-ri-duhn-duhn-see] noun
any of a varied and widespread forms of a word responsible for many redundant uses, including the common repeat.

Most of the time, I catch and correct this mistake before I send it out for review.  It’s something I do ALL THE TIME with a really obvious/descriptive word or verb.  It’s quite comical now how often I do it.   But I also have my favorites:  feel, like, look.

tellyngitis [tel-uhn-jahy-tisnoun Pathology.
inflammation of the telling, often with accompanying sore dialogue tags, hoarseness or loss of show, and dry story.

Need I say more?

swinetense flu  [swahyn-tens] noun Pathology.
a highly contagious form of verbs caused by infection unable to filter the past, present and future virus first isolated from swine.

This is a new illness that has been popping up.  Like most pieces, my WIP narrative is past tense and my dialogue is present tense.  But lately it’s been all over the map.  I can only guess it’s coming from all the books I’ve read lately in first person.  My WIP is desperately trying to be in the present.  If it becomes a problem, I might have to revise.

rheumatoid edititis [roo-muh-toid][ed-it-it is] noun
acute or chronic inflammation of a WIP joints, often accompanied by pain and structural changes and having diverse causes, as correcting of writers tell, information deposition, or loss of MC voice.

I get this every time just before I send a chapter to my critique partner, which I don’t mind.  Usually it’s been awhile since I wrote the chapter and it gets it first real edit.

writer’s blockkemia [blok-kee-mee-uh] noun Pathology.       
any of several cancers of the muse marrow that prevent the normal manufacture of word and thought cells and platelets, resulting in nothing, increased susceptibility to taking a break, and impaired word clotting.

See this is what happens when I have time away from the computer (aka vacation, kids out of school).  If I’m not writing every day, I lose my momentum, my mojo and the MC’s voice slowly slips from my memory and I have trouble getting started again.

What does your WIP suffer from?

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  1. Ouch! I think my WIP may suffer from a few of those ailments. Fun post! :-)

  2. Hilarious. :)

    My WIP is currently suffering from writer's blokkemia and probably some minor rheumatoid edittitis. Gaahh!

  3. These were great! Lately mine had an attack of rheumatoid edititis. I ordered rest for it immediately.

    Thanks for the definitions, they were adorable. (And so is your blog!)

  4. lol. love those.

    I suffered from "I couldn't help but..." syndrome. I had to cut it out of my MS like twenty times.

  5. Very clever - I suffer from all of these things as well. Some are more chronic than others. Your lucky you've got Diana on your side though - she'll cure what ails you.

  6. So funny! Oh, mine is very much affected by all of these!

  7. Probably all of the above!
    Thank goodness for readers and editors!


    Publish or Perish

  8. Shannon – What’s even more painful, is all the other problems my writing has I didn’t list.

    Dominique – glad to give you a giggle. Blockkemia, it infecting mine too.

    Jackee – Rest is good. Rest gives clarity. Glad you like my vocabulary lesson and my blog. 

    Karen – Oh, not good. Of course, I probably have a signature phrase I’ll notice from my characters now that you've pointed yours out.

    Mary – “Clever girl Clarice.” Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Dr. Diana will fix me right up.

    Betty – Mine is too and then some. Oy vey!

    Al – Yes, how blind I am until my crit buddy points it out. Sometimes it’s comical how much I fudge up.


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