boy meets girl and…and…nothing

I have the perfect girl.   She meets a heavenly boy.  The first encounter is electric.  Something intangible draws them together that neither can fight.  A look, a touch, a hitch in breath leads to the growing need that pulses their blood.  
And then…

After that first chance meeting…

I’ve got nothing.
I can create a dynamic meeting.  I can even jump weeks into the future and have them spinning in love but that middle ground, the getting to know you period, I suck.  

I don’t know how to make my characters get to know each other without it looking obvious/cheesy or come off angry.  Yes angry.  For some reason when I can’t get my couple to… become a couple, I have the girl mad at the boy.   Guess I’m releasing my own writer frustrations.  So my two love birds either know nothing about each other and I let their imagination flame.  OR they intimately know everything about each other, down to the color of her favorite panties.   BUT this middle, I have trouble writing.  I literally stare at the page waiting for something, anything to occur between them.

It’s the most awkward, painful part to write and once I push through it, I know it will be two or three revisions before I get it quite right.  So until then I have a fumbling unnatural mess of almost love, wading through the painful process of getting to know each other.

How about you?  What stifles your writing?  
(Phew, I promised a post today and I barely made it.  Thanks to everyone being patient.)