Are your photos legal?

April 08, 2010

Of course I'm not talking about that stash of photos you have hidden in your sock drawer, wink  wink.  I'm talking about the photos you post on your blog.  When I found a photo to suit my post needs, I checked the webpage for a copyright, if I didn't see one, I assumed it was okay to use.

WRONG!  Not the case.  So after doing a little research and wanting to be a law biding citizen, I found a blog post that contains some great information:

Photos you can use without breaking the law...  
The post has a lot of great information on what is or is not legal and breaks it down by levels.  Keep in mind the post reminds us it's not a lawyer, just one person passing on information.  It lists a few very helpful links.    One, I learned about the Creative Commons on Flickr.  It breaks down the different copyright levels of Flickr photos from "you can use my pic, just give me credit" to "COPYRIGHTED, don't touch or I'll sue you."  

Another link refers to a totally free and copyright free images from stock.xchng.  Here I found some pretty cool photos, some not so cool but at least your legal baby.  Check out the other links they list for more information.   

Hope this helps you on your blog journey and keeps you on the right side of the law.

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  1. Thanks for this information! I will check these sites out.

    (How did you know about those in my sock drawer, anyway?)

  2. Yes, flickrcc is what i use if i need a blog photo. otherwise, i use my own. good thing to bring up.
    and i loved Dead-Tossed Waves! (also lightning thief is good)

  3. Very good advice! I almost always use photos I've taken myself, but when I need to use someone else's I look for the copyright info and I give credit. One thing a lot of people don't realize is that every blog and website is the creative property of the person who operates it and, unless they give permission, it is neither ethical or legal to take stuff.
    There was an amazing story about an American family who discovered the photo they'd posted for Christmas was later used as an advertising campaign for a company in Europe!

  4. i try and use morguefile as much as possible. They're all free to use.

  5. It is good advice, and we should all be careful. But I would add Getty Images to your list. They have the most beautiful photographs. I can browse through them for hours.

  6. I've been wondering about this! Thanks for the info!

  7. Great post topic! I'm also loving the suggestions in the thread. :-)

  8. Thanks! Intellectual property rights should be all of our concerns. I admit, I use a lot of stock photos from Microsoft Word -- but I jazz it up in my own way. Hmmm. Is that legal??

  9. I'm so simple...the only pictures I ever post are the awards I've been passed, and pictures I've taken myself. This is good stuff though if I ever do branch out.


  10. Now, I'm afraid - very afraid!
    I avoid photos that say they cn't be used the rest I presumed would be OK as long as I wasn't making money from my Blog.
    I'm off to read your helpful sites.

  11. Thanks for the reminder and the sites!!!

  12. Copyright is a significant issue.
    I am all the more aware of it because here in Oz copyright violation is not just civil law. So if you steal someone's work not only can they sue you, but you get a criminal record.
    Not good!
    Wikipedia's wiki-commons is a great source for creative commons piccies.


    Publish or Perish

  13. Hey everyone, thanks for the comments! The extra links are great, I'll check them out for sure. I'm always looking for artistic photos.

    I'm glad to hear you're all concerned with doing the right thing. I think if the roles were reversed and our photos were used without permission we would have issue with it.


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