Are your photos legal?

Of course I'm not talking about that stash of photos you have hidden in your sock drawer, wink  wink.  I'm talking about the photos you post on your blog.  When I found a photo to suit my post needs, I checked the webpage for a copyright, if I didn't see one, I assumed it was okay to use.

WRONG!  Not the case.  So after doing a little research and wanting to be a law biding citizen, I found a blog post that contains some great information:

Photos you can use without breaking the law...  
The post has a lot of great information on what is or is not legal and breaks it down by levels.  Keep in mind the post reminds us it's not a lawyer, just one person passing on information.  It lists a few very helpful links.    One, I learned about the Creative Commons on Flickr.  It breaks down the different copyright levels of Flickr photos from "you can use my pic, just give me credit" to "COPYRIGHTED, don't touch or I'll sue you."  

Another link refers to a totally free and copyright free images from stock.xchng.  Here I found some pretty cool photos, some not so cool but at least your legal baby.  Check out the other links they list for more information.   

Hope this helps you on your blog journey and keeps you on the right side of the law.