Your two, sweat four miss takes?

Or if we must edit:   You're too sweet for mistakes.  But I'm not.

Everyday, I write something somewhere: comments, blogs, emails, texts, notes.  It's inevitable I make a mistake(s). Some are small grammar switch-a-roos: to for too, you're for your, sweat for sweat, dessert for desert.  Small tiny slips of the brain that swap this word for that.  Sometimes I read, reread and read again and guess what?  I still find mistakes.  A punctuation error,  a plural dropped or added, a misspelled word, or just some kind of grammar crime that either reads like a typo or makes me look unqualified.

You would thing,I mean think, that after a time of writing, editing, reediting, reviewing these mistakes would slowly disappear and I wouldn't have to deal with all these tiny insignificant nuances that slow me down.

But then I think, maybe I've always done this but now, I'm more acutely aware.  Maybe, but I think (now that's a lot of thinking) more accurately my brain is so far ahead of my fingers that there is a delay in recognition.  Kind of like when the closed caption typer makes an error with the newscaster's words.  It's close enough you get it but you think..."Dude, Mr. Closed Captain Person, get your crap together man!"

No, it's apart of the humor factor.  The fact the we error sometimes.  As a writer, when those errors are made public, especially in the writing community, I feel the need to publicly go back in those comments and say "To all who just read my comments and saw my careless writing mistake, I'd like to say I am not an idiot just too lazy to edit myself."

Do you publicly correct yourself?  When you read someone else's error do you judge them as a writer?  I don't.