Your two, sweat four miss takes?

March 26, 2010

Or if we must edit:   You're too sweet for mistakes.  But I'm not.

Everyday, I write something somewhere: comments, blogs, emails, texts, notes.  It's inevitable I make a mistake(s). Some are small grammar switch-a-roos: to for too, you're for your, sweat for sweat, dessert for desert.  Small tiny slips of the brain that swap this word for that.  Sometimes I read, reread and read again and guess what?  I still find mistakes.  A punctuation error,  a plural dropped or added, a misspelled word, or just some kind of grammar crime that either reads like a typo or makes me look unqualified.

You would thing,I mean think, that after a time of writing, editing, reediting, reviewing these mistakes would slowly disappear and I wouldn't have to deal with all these tiny insignificant nuances that slow me down.

But then I think, maybe I've always done this but now, I'm more acutely aware.  Maybe, but I think (now that's a lot of thinking) more accurately my brain is so far ahead of my fingers that there is a delay in recognition.  Kind of like when the closed caption typer makes an error with the newscaster's words.  It's close enough you get it but you think..."Dude, Mr. Closed Captain Person, get your crap together man!"

No, it's apart of the humor factor.  The fact the we error sometimes.  As a writer, when those errors are made public, especially in the writing community, I feel the need to publicly go back in those comments and say "To all who just read my comments and saw my careless writing mistake, I'd like to say I am not an idiot just too lazy to edit myself."

Do you publicly correct yourself?  When you read someone else's error do you judge them as a writer?  I don't.

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  1. I always want to comment to show I've thought about the each person's post. I hate it when I make mistakes but don't always have time to put them right. Everyone makes mistakes - I feel quite comforted when I realise it isn't just me.

  2. I have the same problem you discuss and it crops up when I least expect it, often when I am trying to do two things at once. I come back to read my work later and think "Where on Earth was I?"

    In terms of judging, I think it's hard not too, particularly if the errors are many and obvious. My own proclivity for errors certainly keeps me from judging too harshly.

    Nice post.

  3. OMG, I love that picture!! That's well . . . awesome.

    I think everyone is pretty understanding of mistakes unless they're numerous and glaring. I try not to make too many mistakes on my own blog, but it happens! And I try not to judge other blogs who have mistakes, unless there are so many you can't read it smoothly. Great post!

  4. I don't publicly correct myself, because I think people understand the concept of typos. For similar reasons, I don't judge others who make errors. Typos happen.

  5. Errors are inevitable.
    I don't judge unless there are so many it is obvious a piece hasn't been edited.
    I know if I edit my own work I'll miss as many errors as I find. I can't help it I often read what I think is there, not what actually is there.


    Publish or Perish

  6. Elaine – There are times I don’t have time to correct and I live with it but sometimes I just have to fix it.
    Jon – If it’s something simple and small I over look a fellow writers mistake, but I guess if it is big or lots I judge too.
    BJ – That Tattoo is “AWSOME!” hehe

    Dominique – “typos happen” It should be a bumper sticker for writers.
    Al – I find I have to change the font and spacing to catch the errors a second time around.

  7. Talk about buyer's remorse!

    As a former news editor and reporter, let me tell you, the Gremlins in charge of typos paint them with invisible ink until you've hit print (or post comment.) I try to be forgiving, in light of that.

    But I do have to admit I do tend to judge some common errors: lay, lie and lose, loose, plus the oldies but goodies like run-ons and unintentional fragments.

    THAT comes from, ahem, the old college English instructor in me. :-)

  8. I make mistakes, and usually can catch them. But some days, like you say, my brain is way ahead of my fingers and I post it with all the disasters and when I see it later I wonder what everyone must think of me.

    But, I don't judge other writers for mistakes; unless they are consistent or frequent. I rather think it funny when a blogger has something so profound to say they just bluub it out. Some days, you just gotta go with the flow.

    This was a really cute way of bringing it to our attention how human we are. And others as well.


  9. Cynthia – I’m blind I say, blind to the little devils! It’s nice to hear a professional has the same issues. Makes me feel a little better or maybe not, because you’re telling me this “disease” never goes away!? Yes my four years of college and no degree. . . might have come in handy now but hey, let bygones be bygones.

    dhole – I think I will write an edit free post. I wonder if I could really allow myself to do it. Of course, I’ll have to put HUGE disclaimer, and I might have to go back and highlight all the errors just to let people know I see them but didn't officially correct them. Of course, I’m sure I’ll forget one or two and really make myself look bad.


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