Two for one Book Review

Lisa McMann and Becca Fitzpatrick were on the same book tour I went to last month.  Lisa presented her book Gone, the final book in the Wake Series.  This book series I checked out at the bookstore  and considered but without a personal recommendation I chose not to purchase it. 
Lisa has a very comfortable and down to earth personality that just makes you want to get to know her more.  After meeting Lisa and hearing her synopsis of the series I decided to try them out.  There’s just something about meeting the author that compels you to learn more about their work, especially after she talked about her dystopian book Wanted coming Fall 2011.  (I’ll discuss that in another post.)

Today’s post I will review the first two books of her Wake series:  Wake and Fade.  Let me just start by saying, those who are offended by the F-word, do not even pick these books up.   Personally, swear words don’t bother me.  I’ve been more offended by people who didn’t even curse.  They are…well, I’ll save that for another post.

Wake, the first in the series, is about Janie and her ability to be in other people’s dreams.  Not by choice because she is sucked in them even if she’s awake.  So when kids fall asleep in school, it’s not so cool.  Janie lives on the wrong side of the tracks and her mother is a full blown alcoholic with zero involvement in her life.  No father.  Through Janie’s dreams she discovers people’s hopes but more importantly she learns about their nightmares.  Over time she learns how to help these people, most importantly Cabe (aka Cabel, cool name).  A neighborhood boy with his own demons and together they find something in common, loneliness. 

Being from the “trailer trash” lifestyle, there is teenage drinking and lots of cursing, especially the F-word.  In my opinion, the use of the word flowed perfectly with the day to day life of someone in her shoes.  No sex scenes but they’re hinted at, especially in some dreams.  This book turns from YA paranormal to YA crime solver.  The characters are interesting but not really outstanding.  The relationship between Janie and Cabe is very realistic for two people in their situations.  It doesn’t seem plausible that two teens, not quite 18 would actually be involved in helping the police in a crime bust, especially not without parental consent.

Fade continues along the same lines of helping the police solve a crime at the high school.   Janie discovers there are consequences to dream catching, damage to her physically.  She must decide what path to take.  This reads more like a paranormal crime solver.  I’m not big on crime solving mysteries but the paranormal kept me a little more interested and the romance of course.  Cabe and Janie have a very adorable banter between them that makes their relationship so sweet.  There is a sex scene in this book, very tastefully done.  

Gone is the final book in the series.  I do plan to read it but I will wait for it to come out in paperback.  Through the first two books Janie’s alcoholic mother has a couple of weird dreams.  I hope in the third book we find out why her mother is such an alcoholic.  My guess would be that it will have to do with the dream catching power and her father’s absence. 

Easy, entertaining reads worth borrowing from a friend. 3.5 stars for me.