Silver Lining Award and Creative Liar/Writer Award

March 07, 2010

Two fabulous women over at Shooting Stars, Bethany Wiggins and Suzette Saxton, awarded me with the Silver Lining Award.  These women have so much love in their heart and knowledge to give, I truly enjoy learning from them.  Thank you so much for spreading the love.  Also, each month these women have a contest, they usually give away a first five critique and I haven't won it yet but by god I'll keep trying.  You can sign up for their email contest reminder if you'd like to be in on the fun.

Also, DL Hammons over at Cruising Altitude awarded me with the Creative Liar Writer Award.  Totally flattered that he thinks I can lie that well.   Let's just hope someday the agents will too.  Thank you so much giving this to me.

Okay ladies and gentlemen I am off to write.  My WIP has not seen me since Wednesday and it gets really lonely it I don't give it some attention every now and then.  I must go give it some lovin's.

EDIT:  So I don't look like a total anarchist, here are my six lies and one truth.

1.  After graduating from UT Martin, with a degree in Early Education, I realized, I don’t like children and took a job in accounting.
2.  Twice in one night I was attacked in my bed by a squirrel.
3.  The summer I broke my leg (incident from a rope swing) happened to be the ONLY year I made the basketball cheerleading squad.  I am bitter to this day.
4.  I have never been stung by a bee, thank god.
5.  Twelve is my favorite number.  It’s my birth date, the twelfth letter in the alphabet is the first letter of my first name and the last letter of my last name.  I have twelve letters in my middle name. And both of my sons were born weighing 7 lbs, 12 oz.  My husband too.
6.  I've moved 35 times in my life.  No, my family was not in the military.
7.  Born and raised in Tennessee, in  a town called Nankipoo. Don't believe me, check Google Earth.

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  1. Congrats on your awards!! You are most deserving. And what lovely people to have received them from, too.

  2. See there...I knew you had it in you. Those are some doozies!! Congrats on the other award as well...Suzette and Bethany have good taste!

    Picking the truth is going to be hard. It will require me to bring to bear my superior intellect, cunning insight, years of experience, and powers of logical deduction.

    CRAP. Eenie meany miney moe.

    Its #3.

  3. Woot! 100 followers! And congrats on the awards, you deserve them. (I'm blushing - you are too kind!)

    I think I'm going to go with #4.

  4. I came here from Shooting Stars. Your blog is awesome. It is very nice to meet you. Congrats on your awards. And The Lightning Thief is a super cool read.

    I'm totally guessing here, but I say it has GOT to be #7. Heck, I am never any good at this. =)

  5. For those of you wondering my truth, #2. December 3rd, 1989 a baby squirrel living in our attic, came down through a hole in the wall and entered my room through my closet and sat on my head. After screaming like a banshee, my mother insisted I was dreaming and I should sleep upstairs, in the guest bedroom.

    A scratching noise came from the closet behind me and I stiffened. THen it jumped on my bed. I screamed bloody murder and my parents ran to my rescue. WHen they turned on the light the little booger was running the grasscloth wallpaper walls. Needless to say, i slept the rest of the night in my parents bed. I was a senior in high school. The squirrel slept with the daisies.


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