Room with a View

We are on vacation this week and this is the view from my window.  I love this place.  We're in Palm Desert for a week as a family on a much needed break.  Vacation with the family brings me a lot of joy because of the quality time I have with my boys, including hubby. leaves very little time for my writing.

For me, I like writing in total silence in chunks of time.  If I can't get more than an hour to myself then I will just spend it surfing blogs or posting.  Usually I don't allow myself to read blogs at home much because it takes away from my writing time (knee deep in WIP) but since vacation doesn't offer much solitude, it's a guilty pleasure I dive into.

Speaking of diving (lame set-up I know) but I need to hit the pool this AM, after the gym of course.  You guys have a beautiful sunny day!

Does your writing, blogging, commenting go on vacation when you do?