Being a Little Selfish

I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a little selfish.  You have to ask yourself why you’re doing it and if you have good cause then so be it.  Sometimes it’s needed.

I read a blog a month ago, sorry I don’t have it to reference too, but the person talked about how one should not apologize if they are unable to blog on their regular schedule or if they don’t have anything really to say.  I kind of agree because this is not a job, it’s for fun and if we have to start apologizing for every little thing we do then it’s no longer fun.

Okay I’m going back and forth here.  So I’m not going to apologize for a not posting anything so great this week but, I will tell you that the reason why is because I was being selfish.

Does the blogosphere seem a little lonely this week?  Maybe a little more empty?  It feels that way for me because my buddy Diana put her blog on temporary hiatus.  She is focusing on her WIP and the posting and commenting take too much of her precious time.   When I started my blog I was at the end of my first WIP (finished and shelved it, btw) and blogging was much easier back then for me too.  Then I got started on my second WIP and now a third WIP.  My third is my new baby and I love IT!!!

This week, the girl who is never sick got a cold and it brought me down for the count.  Also, kiddos had half days for conferences so my writing time was seriously cut in half.  UGH!  But never fear, I did the selfish thing and put my blog on hold because when it comes down to it, WIP trumps blog.

Here’s the question for you guys:  How do you feel when one of the blogs you love to follow has a slow week?