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March 08, 2010

I don't know why 100 followers is such a milestone but it absolutely amazes me that that many people are actually interested in what I have to say.  So come on in, don't get caught up in the streamers and balloons.  Here's a glass of bubbly, non-alcoholic if you prefer.

Here's a toast, to the 100 plus people who follow this squirrel. In doing so, says you have faith in me as a writer and you support the journey I'm making.  That we are all making.  Here Here!

Grab your bikini, we're going to the beach to celebrate!

So, here's the giveaway: $20 gift card at Amazon.com
+2 if you're already following
+1 for following
+1 for post or blogging about my giveaway
For all those who know me know I love kissing so...
+3 if you tell me about your favorite kiss; real, written or read.

Put it in the comments here, add up the points for me (I trust you) and come back next Monday to learn who the winner is.  Random drawing, kissing stories will not be judged, for my reading pleasure.

Thanks again to everyone who's following me.  I try to keep it interesting and I hope you come back for more.

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  1. Yay! I just hit 101 myself. Too fun! I haven't decided what I'm giving away yet, though.

    So +2 I'm already a follower.

    And +3, I love the kiss at the end of Return of the King after this long arduous journey, the will she stay/will she go?, the decades of unrequited desire, then *bam* Aragorn just lays one on Arwen in front of everybody.

  2. Yay!!! 100 is exciting stuff! Happy 102 now!!!

    +2 because I'm a follower
    +1 I plan adding you on my sidebar and blogging!
    +3 I love the kissing seen in Harry Potter between Ginny and Harry (book version, not movie verison) It's so passionate and unexpected. I love that he was so excited about winning that the one thing he'd thought about was her more than anything. I think it was bold and fantastic!

    Great contest!!

  3. Congrats on 100 followers. I gave you an award on my blog last week. I guess I forgot to mention it. Oops!

    +2 because I'm already a follower
    +1 because you're always on my sidebar
    +3 for every first kiss, because none will ever be as special

  4. Karen - I LOVE that kiss, good one.
    Jen - I was gonna say must be the book kiss because the movie kiss was, eh, okay.
    Matt - "none will ever be so special" My first kiss was a wretched and gross, I ran home. Called the boy and broke up with him. 7th grade and he used his tongue, i thought I was going to die. But...the next kiss with the next boy, much better.

  5. Woo hoo for 100!!

    +2 for already being a follower =)

    +3 My favourite has to be from The Notebook. I know, I'm not very original, but every kissing scene in that movie was just amazing.

  6. Maybe I'm only remembering the good ones. There have been so many. So, so many...(cough) (Ack)

  7. Yay for 100 followers!! I just hit that too, though I think I'm going to wait until 150 for a contest. (Change it up a little lol)

    +2 Already a follower
    +1 Blogged about the contest (katiemstout.blogspot.com)
    +3 I love the kiss in the host where Wanderer is trying to bring Melanie back inside her head and Jared pushes her against the wall. Can't get any better. lol

  8. Yay for 100 followers. +2 already following
    and +3 for the kiss---my favorite book kiss was probably in City of Bones when Jace and Clare first kiss and then they walk in on Simon in the room. Movie kiss--the notebook.

  9. Understanding why 100 followers (and climbing) want to read your words is very simple. You ROCK!

    +2 for being a follower.
    +1 for mentioning your contest in my next post
    +3 for telling you that my favorite kiss is a tie between the first time I kissed my wife...and the last time.

    =8 points (okay...okay...I'm a writer, not a mathmetician. 6 points)

  10. Congrats on 100!!!

    +2 already following
    +1 sidebar link
    +3 my favorite kiss was the first kiss with my now hubby. we were technically just friends (though i had loved him for oh so long already), and he kissed me without warning, just before we went out with a LOT of friends. the whole evening i was like, did that REALLY just happen. at the end of the night, he went out of his way to drop off everyone else first, so he could kiss me goodnight again. :) still makes me tingle.


  11. I don't think I'd look very good in a bikini :)


    Publish or Perish

  12. Yay, 100! I'm almost there myself, and plan to have a party when I do. Awesome you.

    +2 long time follower
    +3 My favorite kissing is with my man, but I'll have to tell you about that when we meet for coffee sometime. Another good one is the scene in hush,hush when Patch has Nora up against her kitchen counter.

  13. Félicitations!]

    +2 already a follower
    +3 I give my puppy, Belle, nose kisses all day long.

  14. Congrats on 100! It feels kind of crazy, huh? I love the blogging community, everyone is so supportive.

    +2 Already a follower
    +3 I love the kiss at the end of NEVER BEEN KISSED. There's something about the baseball diamond and all the anticipation that just make is delicious!

  15. Congrats on 100 followers!!! This is a great blog. I'm still chugging along trying to reach that goal. :)

  16. I'm done with contests, but I enjoy your blog so very much. I'm glad to be part of the original 100! Congratulations!!

  17. congrats on 100 followers!

    One of my favorite kisses is in Room with a View...*swoon*

    4 entries for me please!

  18. Congratulations! You do have a fantastic blog...:)

    +2-already a follower
    +3-One of my favorite kisses has to do with tradition. Ever since my sweetie and I started dating 14 years ago we had this thing where we would blow each other kisses, catch them with our hand and place it on our cheeks. Cheesy, I know! But I love that after all this time we still do this. (Not many people know this, if any...lol, so he would be mortified that I'm sharing this information.)

  19. Coooooool! Just added you to my sidebar, but couldn't find an end date for the contest? I'll try to blog about it. If I do, I'll leave another comment! As for my fave kiss? Hmmm. It would have to be a kiss that started out very playfully. I had stolen a boy's soda in high school, and he wasn't happy about it. I tanked it down, but told him I'd share what was left. Then I shook the can, which had nothing but the tiniest drop left in it, which of course, I immediately slurped down. Apparently, he decided to come for the last drop ;) Fun times, high school.

  20. Nice contest! One day I will have a hundred to and man oh man it will be a party!
    I am a new follower and posted a link in my blog!
    My favorite kiss... I had a crush on this guy looong time ago and I thought he had no idea about how I felt. One night a group of us were sitting at a cafe having coffee and he just leaned over and kissed me right there in front of everyone! Whoohoo! It was magical!
    That is 5 in total!

  21. Hi everyone! Thanks for participating. I love hearing about your kisses. Easy way to make three points, eh. I'll announce a winner on Monday. Thanks everyone!


Love hearing from my friends.♥

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