Throwing in the towel and calling it quits!

No, I'm not giving up on my writing, NEVER!  Bwhahaha!

After reading Suzette Saxton's post over at Shooting Stars last week, "Permission to Quit"  (Sir, yes Sir!)  I find myself asking the same thing.  When do you give up on reading a book that you have to force yourself to finish?  When in a book, is it a fair point that you say; "Ok, this book ______, I'm not going to finish it."  Lately, I would fill in the blank with; stinks, blows or drags.  Sure, I do not expect every book to be "OMG, what happens next!"  but I at least want to look forward to reading just a few minutes before I go to bed.  Recently, two books wore me down and I found myself skipping around, flipping a couple of pages and not really missing much in doing so.  I finished them because, I didn't have anything else to read.

So how do I save myself next time from the dreaded, ugh, I have to read that?  When do you cash in and call it a day?