I've got nothing.

February 25, 2010

With nothing really to post about, I'm going to talk about random stuff.

But first, why do I have nothing to post about?  Because every waking second I am not taking care of my family or my home, I am WRITING!  Like a mad fiend.  And because of this mad writing, I'm dreaming in dialogue, obsessively.  For instance, I did something in my dream and my mind thought:  End quote, she said with fear in her eyes, period.  OMG, like every night.  It's so distractive that it I can't even remember what I'm dreaming about.  Also, I've cut back on my blog reading and commenting because of this obsessive writing.  Sorry guys, but when your knee deep in your WIP it is hard to pull yourself out.  Just think, come this August my youngest will be in Kindergarten and WAHOO, Moma's gonna have all kinds of writing time!!!!

Also, most of you know back in early January I quit my PTA position and I have actually been sleeping soundly through the night.  One would think this was good but no, it's impeding on my blog reading time.  Insomnia gave me more waking hours than I realized.  I used to wake up between 4-5am, grab my coffee and cuddle up to the morning blog.  Well now that I am sleeping so well I can barely roll out of bed at 7am. So goes life.

Two really interesting blogs I read in the past couple of weeks I wanted to share.

Whitewashing is Racist  over at Hello Ello 2
Though I knew things like this happened I did not realize to what extent, probably because I am white.  Also, most importantly, I did not know it had a name.  And I agree withe Ello 100%, whitewashing is racist.

SNIS Sexy New Idea Syndrome over at Frankie Writes
I'm infected, I know it!  I bet you are too or have been at some point.  So the big question is, Should you abandon a current WIP for SNI?  OR  Do you simply work on two WIP at the same time?  What do you think?

That's all the nothing I've got for today.  And tomorrow I will FINALLY do my review of Body Surfing by Anita Shreve.

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  1. Hmmm...used to, I would've said stick with the WIP. But since I jumped ship during my last unplug week and immersed myself in my SNIS--that would be a bit hypocritical.

    Not sure which is right but I say go with your gut.

  2. I absolutely LOVED Frankie's SNIS post (everbody did)! I haven't seen the other one, so I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the link. :-)

  3. Good points all around. I'm off to check the blogs you mentioned.

  4. Catherine (GwOe says in whinny voice),I don't like what my gut is telling me. What if I cheat on my WIP when I'm at about 35K? The rest from here is cake so I should work on both, don't you think? I mean, my gut says two things, finish both but SNI is better in long run. SHhhh, don't tell Diana.

    SHannon - Frankie's post, I'm thinking she tapped into my brain via the blogs. IT must me catching because it's a hot topic on the blogosphere these days or maybe it's just a topic that gets my attention lately.

    Elle - Thank you my dear. Happy reading!

  5. Oh to be in the midst of first draft love. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever get there again. Good for you!

  6. Anissa, don't tell me that. It's not like the other relationships I've had, where you grow tired of it. This is the one, I know it. (hehe)


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