It feels great to be loved!

Especially from my super duper critique buddy Diana over at Writing Roller Coasters!  She wasn't sure of the awards rules and neither am I so...

Here are three blogs I think are creative that have already received this award so instead of giving it to them again, I'll just mention them here and why I love them.

Write on Target - Debra Schubert  Her subliminal Mondays are so freaking cute and funny.  The phrase I like to abuse when something really makes me laugh out loud obnoxiously is "Cackle like an old lady."  because that's what I think I sound like.  Her Monday blogs usually get that reaction from me.

Into the Void  He keeps it sweet, simple and short but always thought provoking.

Natalie Bahm - There's just some kind of natural wisdom the oozes from her blog posts.  I'm not sure if she even realizes it.  I always enjoy reading what Natalie has to say.