Is Summer Here Yet?

February 09, 2010

On the cusp of Valentines and I'm itching for summer.  Though it is closer for me than most, since I live in  SoCal.  (Southern California)  My mother called, told me Tennessee got four more inches of snow.  I felt this relief because Tennessee hasn't seen a good snow in years.  Not like when I was a kid where is snowed at least seven to ten times through the winter.  The last few years, lucky to see one snow.  This will be the third and it makes me breathe a little easier, that global warming stays at bay.  But I digress...

There's just something about hot sand between your toes, cool waves crashing at your ankles and sun kissed skin.  Laying on the beach, tuning out the world and letting the sun warm you is purely sensual.

First, I always download music.  It feeds my soul, my muse I guess.  No I don't do playlists for books, but there are songs that liven me when I'm not writing, electrify me almost.  And books, four to be exact, that I purchased Saturday night and they all shared the same theme, summer.  I didn't notice until yesterday but my habits of late speak to me in volumes.  And I realized something.  I love YA, reading it, writing it, craving it.  Because inside this XX year old body lives a sixteen year old girl who refuses to grow up.

So here are a few songs I've downloaded and the books I've purchased and I have to say, that sixteen year old wants a second chance because the first time around sucked.

Music...(Artist - Song Title)
  1. La Roux - Bulletproof (Let me just say, I don't do Techno and these first four are...go figure.)
  2. La Roux - Tigerlily
  3. Silversun Pickups - Panic Switch
  4. Metric - Gold Gun Girls  (Downloaded the whole Fantasies album, pretty good)
  5. Dan Auerbach - When the Night Comes  (Slow mellow rock, reminds me of Stand by Me meets Wonderful World)
  6. Sam Roberts - Love at the End of the World (This song is like Johnny Cash meets KISS.  Sorry couldn't find for playlist, check iTunes)

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DISCLAIMER:  I'm infamous for loving a single song and very rarely love a group as a whole so know that these particular songs move me, not necesssarily the artist.


Body Surfing by Anita Shreve
Nice smooth book with gentle emotional pulls.   Other reviews say Harlequin Romance/Nicholas Sparks, I read neither and enjoyed this.  Started and finished it on Sunday.  See my review Friday.

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
Almost finished with it and I find it spellbinding, magical and all things sixteen.  I can't wait to review this book.  New favorite author.

Seventeenth Summer by Maureen Daly
"What better time than summer for a little romance?"  Says the hook on the back cover, I can only hope.

The Day the Falls Stood Still by Cathy Marie Buchanan
1915, Niagara Falls and Romance.  Saw a review on a blog recently so I thought I'd give it a try.  Barnes and Noble Hardcover on sale for $3.98  Who could resist?

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  1. If I had the beach I'd be longing for summer too. Alas 115 degress days don't quite do it for me. I'm all about spring!

  2. I love the beach!!!! I am glad that I moved to Houston, so the sunshine and warm weather lasts longer... though it's cold this week I know that soon it will be gorgeous! I also visit California to Los Angeles and can'tw ait for the beach!! The humidiity in Houston is crazy though!

  3. I can't let myself have those longings yet. Winter in Montana is still going to be around for a while. :-)

  4. I live two miles from the beach on the east coast, but I never go. I hate tracking all the sand home into my apartment...

    Sometimes I think this makes me a horrible person who does not DESERVE to live near the beach.

  5. Not quite ready for summer yet. I'm still enjoying cuddling under the blankets for now. :)

    I liked your tunes...especially Panic Switch and When The Night Comes. Have you ever tried The Sixty-One? I spend a lot of time there searching for new music.

  6. I like each season, but prefer fall. If it weren't for all the rain, I'd be content living in England where it rarely goes below 45 or above 70.

    Sarah Dessen's latest, Along for the Ride, is another fun YA romance you might enjoy in keeping with your summer theme. The main character spends her summer after HS and before college with her father, step mother and brand-new stepsister at a beach community.

  7. Anissa – yeah, 115 wouldn’t be my friend either. But I loved my high 90’s summers in TN even with out the beach.

    Jen – Humidity, ugh. I don’t miss Dallas’

    Shannon – Montana…oh so beautiful. We might go there later this year to my Uncle’s buffalo ranch.

    Amalia – I hate the gritty sand at home, especially the kids dragging it in. But by the waves with your “crush” swoon.

    DL Hammons – no I have not been to the 61 but just checked it out and OMGosh, I love it. Thanks!

    Laurel – I’ll check out your book. I’m sure by next week I’ll need to reload.

  8. Hmm, I've just about had enough of summer down here.
    Maybe we can swap?


    Publish or Perish

  9. Al - That's my answer! Got to Aussie! I can pack light I just need permission...hmmm. My neighbor just came home from her 8 week christmas break from there....I wish I could have taken her place. She promises if I go, she'll show me the way. I don't think the family will like me taking off for two months.

    I guess there they would call me Girly? Since everything ends in "y".

  10. For the first time EVER, I am ready for winter to end early. We had our snow and I'm ready for Spring. I don't do hot hot hot Summer, but I love breezy, warm but cool Springtime.

    (Gotta admit, the pictures of TN are beautiful!)

    Writing Prompt Wednesdays today on my blog!

  11. Thanks for the book suggestions! Been looking for some good YA! And I'm totally ready for's even cold down here in FL and I'm over it!

  12. Hi! I just found your blog through another writing blog and I enjoyed your last two posts. :) ALways glad to have new music suggestions.... and I LOVE summer, I'm a teacher! Lol... I like all of the seasons, but we've got 2 feet of snow right now...

  13. I sooo want summer to be here. But I have a ways to wait. And thanks for the music suggestions!


Love hearing from my friends.♥

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