Every woman should have a Patch.

After reading Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, I needed a cold shower.  Not because there was anything edgy or provocative, well unless you count this hot kiss on page 301:
"His hands slid up my neck, searing hot.  Pressing his thumbs gently into my throat, he tipped my head back.  I felt this lips come against mine so hard he stopped whatever name I'd been about to call him from coming out.  His hands dropped to my shoulders, skimmed down my arms and came to rest at the small of my back.  Little shivers of panic and pleasure shot through me.  he tried to pull me against him, and I bit him on the lip."
Grrrr.... Patch has to be the baddest, hottest, love interest I have ever encountered.  They don't make bad boys like him anymore.   Or how about moments before, when they got caught in the rain and she describes him taking off his wet clothes, in the dark on page 285.  MC, Nora says:
"My clothes are soaked.  I don't have anything to wear."
I hear the sound of we fabric sliding like a squeegee over his skin.  "Lucky me."  His shirt landed in a wet heap at our feet.
Lucky girl I tell you.  Too bad this was a YA novel.  Sigh.

Hush, Hush, one of many stories about fallen angels lately, tops my list of good reads.  The main character Nora did not  light a fire in me necessarily but her love interest Patch sure did.  Her best friend Vee had me cracking up out loud from time to time.  At one point, this bitch of a girl, skinny popular thing gives Vee some crap for being plus size.  This is Vee's response: 
"You've got food stuck in your teeth, "  Vee told Marcie.  "In the crack between your two front teeth.  Looks like chocolate Ex-Lax..."  

Trust me, the girl deserves it, she is down right mean.

I really enjoyed this book and look fo
rward to attending the Hush, Hush book signing next week.  Becca Fitzpatrick will be in my area, check out her schedule an see if she plans to be in your neck of the woods any time soon.

She has excellent descriptives and colorful verbs. You will enjoy ever ounce of Vee and you'll wish you could enjoy every ounce of Patch.  If you haven't done so, check it out.

Have a delicious weekend everyone!  See you dolls on Monday.  I'm off to download some more indie tunage on my iTouch.