Body Surfing by Anita Shreve

A book I bought to feed my aching burning need for summer.  Le sigh.  I have all kinds of fumbling thoughts about the book.  Great book I just mean I'm all over the place about what to say.  I bought the hardback on clearance from B&N for like, $6 bucks.  Steal!

It's about a young woman, who after one divorce and becoming a widow, she decides to take a ridiculously overpaid position as a tutor for a Cap Cod family.  Sydney (MC) gets herself caught in a love triangle with her 16 year old pupil's older brothers.

My biggest compliment to Anita would be how amazing she develops and explains the relationships the MC has with everyone else.  Everyone else consisting of five other important characters:  Julie the pupil, Jeff and Ben the older brothers of pupil, and Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, the parents of the pupil.  Each relationship is pivotal to the growth of Sydney, especially after the death of her second husband.

Anita Shreve creates these bonds or riffs, that have you totally loving or hating each character for different reasons. There are moments in the book where I saw it coming, but it didn't detour me from finishing it.  I hear Anita has written several books with this particular beach house being the scene.  Grab your tissue, because in the end I wept.

Now before you run out and buy this book, I must warn you, many negative critiques compared it to Nicolas Sparks or Harlequin romance.  I read neither because I find them too cheesy.  I did not however, find this cheesy but more like a soft tug at your heart strings and a big yearning to vacation for a summer in Massachusetts.