Becca Fitzpatrick and Me

I would love to say here's the interview with Becca and me but no...just a photo.
And an autograph!  Last night I went to my first book signing ever!  For Becca Fitzpatricks's book, Hush, Hush and the way I felt, you would have thought I was standing in line to get Tom Cruise's Zack Efron's autograph.  I felt sixteen, even though I was one of maybe three woman who did not have "teen" in their age but I didn't care.

It was so much more than I expected.  (Stand in long line, get book signed, leave)   Becca was on tour with Lisa Mann, author of the Wake Series.  Together they talked about their books, how their book covers were created, read a passage aloud from one of their works, answered questions from the audience and then signed books.  It was about an hour and totally invigorating, inspiring and all things that feed the hopes of becoming an author one day.

Becca's dedication in her book says "And to Justin.  Thanks for not picking the Japanese cooking class - love you."  Justin is her husband and the story behind the thanks is how she became a writer.  Every year for her birthday her husband tries to buy her a unique gift.  The year she turned twenty-four he debated between Japanese cooking class (which made more sense because she studied nutrition in school) or 8 week Creative Writing course.  He chose the latter and it changed her life forever.  That is where she started Hush, Hush and seven years later, it sits on the book shelves.

I definitely plan to attend a lot more book signings.  Hearing their stories in person fuels so much more inside me as a writer than just reading it from their blog/website.  I can only imagine how phenomenal a writer's convention would be.  Thanks for letting me gush.  I had lots of fun and would have LOVED going with a writer buddy so afterwards we could grab coffee and talk books.  (*hint hint* Di)