Unplug Week

January 18, 2010

Unplug Week starts the third Monday of every month.  Unplugging means no blogging, commenting,  facebooking, myspacing, twittering, or anything else that keeps you from writing.  

Originally the idea spawned from BJ Anderson but I found out about it from Diana over at Writing Roller Coasters.

It works out for me anyway with MLK Jr.  Holiday today and the whole family is home shortening my typical three days per week of writing time down to two.   Maybe you'll join me and find out that you actually can survive without the internet.

See you next Monday.  Happy Unplugging!

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  1. Unplug Week is definitely a good idea! But I spent a lot of time away from blogging for the last month or so. So, I'm back on the Internet catching up. However, I do plan on taking some time away this afternoon to watch a movie and do some much needed cleaning and laundry.

    Enjoy your time away!

  2. Hope your break is enjoyable!

  3. No unplugging! Come back... :P


    Have a nice time off from the social networks of the digital age.

  4. While you were gone I rummaged through your archives. Hasn't anyone told you to lock all your doors and leave a light on when away for an extended time? :P

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I hope you had a great unplugged week! :D

  6. Mary - a month? You have amazing will power!
    VS - It was good. Slow on productivity but good.
    DL - I feel so violated for some reason? :) I should have locked up while I was away on vacay.
    Elana - you are so full of awesomeness. Like the blog ghost...I plan to post about you this week so stay tuned.

  7. Void! I forgot to comment to you! Can you ever forgive me? You're such a fun blog buddy. How could I ever forget a sweet blogger like you? Did a guy beg for me to "come back"? Never in history has that occure for GwOE. (even if he is happily engaged to the love of his life, I'll take it.)


Love hearing from my friends.♥

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