Surfing the Blogosphere

Oooo, look at me. I’m breaking my blog schedule. Don’t I feel rebellious. Um no, but I do hate my blog schedule just stresses me even more but I feel I have to commit to something so how about this...I'll promise three blogs a week. If you get more, count yourself lucky.

Since I have taken on this new project, oh it feels good, I don't have much time to surf the blogosphere so my commenting is down.  If you miss me, just know I'm reading but not commenting.  Here are a few places I've been in the last week or two that I find are worth mentioning.

Cute Monday blog that had me giggling all the way through.  I've yet to check yesterday but I am sure it will be delightful.

Editorial Ass - Overwriters Anonymous 
Are you abusing the written word?  Though I have adopted my new friend "Said" and lessened my dialogue tags.  I have recently discovered that I suffer from "unnecessary restate", which is something brought to my attention by my lovely critique partner.  Thankfully it is fixable.   Overwriters have a blindness to their problems but with help and the eye of a critique buddy you can overcome your bad writing habits too.

Something to ponder before you vent in public.  This is the exact reason I have never written a diary.  No matter how secretive you think you are being, if you write it down, it can be read by someone other than you.

Though this blogger has decided to take a rest from blogging (to write, smart girl) I found this post to be very helpful.  Especially # 3. Turn off your internal editor. Repeat after me: The first draft is crap. And that's okay.

Just a couple of blog posts I thought noteworthy of mention.

BTW... I'm an idiot or a at the very least a dork.  I reworked my blog page yesterday and mucked with my settings and I put my "About Me"  title in the "name" field, so instead of "Girl with One Eye" comments you got "About Me"  comments.  *shakes head*  I fixed it though.