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January 15, 2010

Since I am short on time this morning, I will postpone my book review of Catching Fire or Hush Hush until next week.

Unless an individual is paid to do otherwise, I believe in only reviewing books that I enjoyed and would recommend.  In the blog world you never want to vent about something that might later come back and bite you in the butt.  (more eloquently posted here from YA Highway).  Venting negativity begets receiving negativity and I have enough obstacles in my life that I don't need to add to it.   Something I try to teach my children is, "If you can't say anything nice...keep your mouth shut."  So I will not post/vent about why I didn't like a certain book. Think of it as good Karma.

Though I am not published (nor have I tried to be...yet) I am an avid reader, who's purchase of books puts money in the pockets of those who are published, so I do think my opinion has value.  Even with that said, I refuse to vent about a book, especially in a public forum.

Some books I read, are well written but they were just not "my type" of book.  

My crack stash is now depleted.  Check out the type of books I read on my Shelfari (to the right).  If you have the same taste and want to recommend something I'd love to hear it.  Also, has anyone read and would recommend the following books:  The Stolen One by Suzanne Carlisle Crowley, Madapple by Christina Meldrum, or Graceling by Kristin Cashore.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Once A Witch by Carolyn MacCullough

    It's great. I liked it so much I actually wrote a review of it on my blog, and like you I only write about books I enjoyed.

  2. "Some books I read, are well written but they were just not "my type" of book. This is not the case in Fallen By Lauren Kate."

    Okay, I'm confused. Did you like Fallen, or not? By saying you won't review it are you saying you don't like it?

  3. I'm the kind of guy that would be blunt about how I feel about a book, for better or worse. I don't look at it as venting, should I be on the not-so-great review end, but more of an explanation of how I the reader feel about aspects of a book.

    As an aspiring author, I like good comments and compliments on my work, but I also am less likely to impacted by it, than a bad review. Why? Because when someone tells me why they didn't like it, I can learn from that and possibly adapt my writing, or get a new perspective that I may have overlooked.

  4. Dominique - thanks I'll check it out and read your review this weekend.

    Matt- I didn't like it and have nothing positive to say. My comment was to imply that the concept of this book was actually "my type" and it was not well written therefore I don't like it and don't recommend it. I don't like John Grisham books. He's a good writer but they are not "my type" but I would recommend them based on the quality alone. I was rushed this morning and should have been clearer.

    Void - And there lies my problem. I think if I got started on how I felt about where this book went wrong, I'd probably move from review to rant to down right complaining. I wish I could be blunt about how I feel but for me, life seems to have a way of turning it around and making me regret I ever opened my mouth.

    Good comments are nice but bad ones are better because they make us better writers. I agree with you 100%. So I will save my brutal honesty for my beta buddies and critique partners.

  5. Excellent advice!! Negativity only brings it right back to you. Looking forward to your book reviews. I haven't read either one of those books yet, but want to.

  6. Good call on holding your tongue. I've vented before and regretted it. Btw, your comment made me laugh. HARD.
    Winged Writer

  7. You might like Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder. It was very moving. Or maybe The Dark Divine? Despain did a fabulous job.

  8. Carolina - you won't be disappointed, Catching Fire had me processing for days and Hush Hush...let me just say that Patch is delicious.

    Catherine - Karma can be your friend or your enemy. Glad you liked my "poo blob" comment.

    VS - I'm making a list and plan to hit the book stores this weekend. Thank you for contributing to my addiction. ;)

  9. Girlw/1i - I read Graceling a few weeks ago and put a poorly written review on my blog. I think it is worth reading, but I am glad I got it from the library and did not spend money on it. To add to your to-read list, if you have not already (I apologize for not researching your blog more before posting this comment), is The Maze Runner, by James Dashner. My 'review' is in the same blog post as Graceling's.

    Also, (I always have an also) I definitely take your Karma comments to heart. I do not believe I have put myself into the rant category, but I have definitely not liked books before. I suppose, I just avoid having to talk about the ones I don't like and that is providential, because when I get to ranting, I cannot stop. Basically take this overly lengthy comment and multiply it by ten.

  10. Jonathon welcome! Your library sounds a lot better than mine. I doubt ours carries Graceling. Maybe I'll hangout in the bookstore reading a bit of the book to determine if I like it. The Maze Runner I read two weeks ago. I can't wait until the Scorched Trials comes out, so excited!! I read your two reviews and they were pretty good, informative. I'll let you know if I read Graceling.

    And don't worry about long comments I don't mind at all. I'm happy you found so much to say. Heck, you could have even added a comment or two to the other commenters here and we would have had a full on blog hijack. ;) *phew, crisis averted* Have a good day!

  11. Don't think I didn't think about it, I've always wanted to hijack something! The DELETE button is my personal savior.

    If your library doesn't have Graceling (which I am sure they do) you can ask them to order it. I have an in at my pub lib, but usually they will order best-selling books without questioning you. The best part of being the one to request, at least here, you are the first person to receive the book, as though you put it on hold.

  12. Ooo Jonathon, thanks for the tip. I'm going to see if my library does that, thanks. An hijack my blog anytime. ;)

  13. Excellent Karma for sure! I would hope that others would extend me the same curtoesy!

    I myself like to also talk only about books that I truly enjoyed, or movies. Or I will admit from time to time I have been known to comment on something that intrigued but confused me, I still liked it but it made me think!


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