Monkey See, Monkey Do

Or maybe it should be Squirrel See, Squirrel Do.  With all my crack addict book addictions lately, I think I might be striking a spark in my nine-year-old son.  He has never been a reader by choice, only because I make him read 30 minutes a day.  But lately, my crack  book addiction has increased so has his curiosity. 

Now the last couple of books I’ve read (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, The Maze Runner) really got me excited about reading.  I’d find myself talking to my hubby about the stories and then my son would ask questions, excited too.  Parts of the story I could share with him but some parts were not appropriate.  BUT…what I have noticed is that he is starting to read with a little less complaint and talks about what he read with a little more enthusiasm.   Bringing home his book report book…”Mom, Mom, you’ll probably want to read this book.  It’s about dragons in backyards.  I think it will be cool.” 

And my heart stopped.  Could my little angel be picking up my good crack habits--ahem--I mean book habits?  I wasn’t a child who lived in books.  Sure there were phases in my youth that I divulged in a book or two but for the most part, no.  After the boys were born I missed reading but couldn’t find anything to capture my interests.   A year ago, the movie Twilight came out and--I don’t want her you people sigh, just listen--and I saw the movie and thought; Wow, pretty cool.  It’s a book?  I’ll pick it up and check it out.  BOOM!  Fire lit, and I have not stopped reading since. 

It was hard after finishing the books to find more that captivated me so well.  I kept going to the bookstore, bought a lot of duds then eventually I started finding more and more books for me.  The more I read, the easier it was for me to determine if that book was for me.  So now I am trying to teach this to my son so he never loses the momentum. 

So along with picking up the occasional swear word (Please, everybody slips.) children can also pick up your good habits too. So let your kids see you curl up with a good book and converse with them about the fire it strikes within you.