I've fallen in love and I don't know how to tell my husband.

January 06, 2010

It's pretty bad.  I didn't mean to.  We started off just being friends and then one thing led to another and ...we kissed.  After that I knew, I had to find a way to divorce my husband and marry my MC's love interest.  I know he's only two dimensional.  Words are two dimensional right?  But he is so strong, serious, protective, loyal and torn... Torn between the world he's destined to be apart of and the love of his life, me...ahem, I mean my MC.

Now I'm only on day two of them knowing each other but I already know I'm in love.  There's no turning back now.  It doesn't matter that I'm white and he's Native American.  (Racism is a part of this story.) It doesn't matter that I'll have to hide our relationship from most of my friends until I can figure out how to tell them.  He's mine, all mine and I can't believe I ever thought I even knew what love was before he came along.

Well I'm off to boxing, then home again to be with him.  Where I can write until my little heart contents.

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  1. Wow. If the opening of your WIP is anything like the title and opening paragraph of this post, I will be hooked from sentence one!

    Please teach me to hook like that!


  2. Ah...the bliss of new love. le sigh is right.

  3. He sounds yummy! Can't wait to hear more about him :)

  4. Oh, can I have him? I'm sure he's handsome to go along with all those other qualities.

  5. Your poor little hubby. He has no chance now.

  6. I know this love. Girl, you are pulled in. Enjoy the ride!

  7. LOL... you control his fate, make it a good one!

  8. He IS yummy, I got to see him the other night. Soooo swoon-worthy

  9. Poor, poor hubby. Maybe you should stick with hubby, and let the rest of us have Mr. Le Sigh! :-)

  10. I am so right there with you. My MC's love interest makes my knees weak, and I dream of the day he comes to whisk me away...

    my poor husband won't know what hit him. LUCKILY we have a long standing agreement that I am free to have affairs with my fictional love interests and he won't hold it against me.

  11. Your heading certainly grabbed my attention!
    This is how my husband felt.
    I got him to buy a second computer and set up a separate desk in our "study" so we could share my alternative reality! Wedded bliss!

  12. Oh SarahAnn, I only wish i were that talented all the time.

    Anissa - the bliss? Yeah, that's what keeps my marriage running. Oh not that we still have that giddy feeling after 13 years but I at least remember the good ole days before we had kiddos.

    Elle - Glad I hooked you too.

    Megan - SOunds yummy, you should see a picture of him.

    Frankie - isn't love grand!

    Karen - sorry sweetie, he all mine and I don't share, but he does have a younger brother I can introduce you to.

    Catherine - WHen I told my hubby that I am crazy about my MC's love interest, that poor hubby said, "Well call me what ever you like. I've always been fond of the name "Dances with Wolves" He's a part-time Comedian

    V.S. - It's smooth ride, let me tell you. and I plan on reveling in every minute of it.

    Void - He will fall madly in love with me, I mean my MC before this thing is through.

    Oh Di, isn't he. again, le sigh.

    Shannon - don't pity the hubby, he works all angles.

    AMalia - I like that agreement, cheating without cheating and you got the hubby's approval. Genius girl!

    Elaine - Uh huh girlfriend. I bet y'all thought you were going to get some scandalous blog gossip. Well glad to know I can hook'em in.

  13. I too am in love with a fictional character. They break your heart in the end, GwOE. It's worth it, though.

    Diana said you'd started something new while I was gone. That's awesome. Woo woo!


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