A Crack Addict and a Book Review

No, not a Crack Addict Book Review, but  let's talk about crack addicts then  a book review.

I feel like a crack addict.  Though I have never done crack or seen crack or know anyone first hand who is a crack addict, I feel like one.  I'm basing it off enough reality tv that I'm pretty sure I can imagine to some degree what it might feel like (not really but roll with me, will ya?) Since last Friday I have read four books: The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Catching Fire, and Hush Hush.  (Only a couple more chapters left in Hush Hush but it'll only take me a half hour at most)  I'm burning through my stash at a $60 a week crack habit.  If I keep up this pace I will burn through a little over $3000 by the end of the year and will have met my 50 books in a year challenge by the first of April.

And I'm sorry, the library never has any of these books I want to read. Heck most of the books I want to read the library doesn't even carry much less have them in.  I try to slow down, I try not to burn through my books but I say every time..."just one more chapter.  That's all.  It'll be the last one I read today, I promise."  Yeah that's what they all say.  Well, I guess there could be worse addictions than reading, like say, using crack for instance.

Ok, on with the book review:  The Maze Runner by James Dashner
Diana had a contest about a month ago and gave away an ARC of this book which I won!  (No, the contest was not rigged.)

James Dashner compares his book to a Lord of the Flies meets End Game.  Though I have not read End Game (which I might add it to my list since I burn through books like crack) I would agree it is like Lord of the Flies, sort of.  Instead of being junior high or younger children they are adolecent teens.  Instead of operating under chaos it is very organized.  And teens were not stranded but they can not get out.

My synopsis:  Thomas wakes to find himself in a "box" that drops him off in an unknown place ran by a bunch of teenage boys.  He and the rest of the boys have absolutely no memory of their past but they make an existence for themselves, surviving in the four walls of the Glade.  Outside the Glade, is the maze and you don't want to be on the outside at night because you won't return alive.  Some unknown powers that be, they call the Creators, send supplies once a week and one new boy a month but after Thomas arrives, things change quickly and the race to solve the maze is on.

My Review:  Absolutely amazing and creative.  You get really angry and frustrated along with Thomas because you have no freaking clue what is going on.  And you don't find out until the very end...I mean the very end.  So if you don't have patience, this may not be a book for you.  At the end you are left with a huge cliffhanger making you yearn for the next book.  And let me tell you the end, no wait, the epilogue will shock the crap out of you.  The boys of the Glade speak a language of their own.  At first I found it just as annoying as Thomas but when I finally caught on to their lingo I thought it was the coolest freaking thing I had ever heard.  James Dashner said that his agent suggested that these boys, who have been here for some time, should have created their own lingo/language and that he should go back an add that in.  Brilliance on behalf of the agent and Dashner enveloped me in that lingo and pulled me into a deeper part of my imagination that I didn't know existed.    Though there is not a romance in this book, it hinted to one that I think will develop in the next book.

So there you have it...crack addict and all.