Asking for directions, no matter your gender.

Got Plot Map?  Well now I do.  It's good and bad in the same breath.  Good because it helps you fill in the holes and bad because wow, you didn't know there were so many holes.

After surfing blogs two weeks ago, I discovered a work of art.  Now keep in mind, this is not the typical piece of "art" you'd find in a museum but something that captured a "gasp" in me.  Lisa Amowitz over at Why A? had this beautiful organized piece of art that I wanted for myself.  Her Plot Map for her WIP will please the graphic art designer in all of us.  

(Her map is much prettier than mine.)  But she doesn't take credit for this genius.  It was inspired by the blog of Martha Alderson over at The Plot Whisperer.  During the month of December, Martha does a International Plot Writing Month where she breaks down day by day what you should do to have a fabulous plot.  Now I, Girl with One Eye and very little patience, decided to make my map and then I discovered Martha's instructions.  Not, step one do this, step two do this but a general overview of how to map out your plot.

Now  this what you will need:
(click picture for detail)
I did mine on a dry erase board because I need to be able to hang it on the wall (or take it down when guest come over.)  As you see, Lisa Anowitz did hers on large squares of paper.  Pick you poison.  Be sure to actually read what the Plot Whisperer has to say during the month of December 2009 before you start.  I jumped the gun and then I found her words of wisdom to guide me.

Here is my Plot Map (in progress):
(click picture for detail)
My color post-its and their location have meaning.
Blue - chapters, highlights, outlines or scenes
Green - discoveries, concepts or ideas
Pink - reminders, clarifications, inserts, or changes
Orange - questions or plot pacing errors

Everything above the plot line is the story in progress and everything below the plot line are things to consider as the story progresses.  Now as I have stated before I have not finished reading the Plot Whisperer's instructions so I will keep you updated/changes as I go along.  Well I hope this inspires you to flesh out your story.  It did me.  Thanks Lisa Anowitz for sharing yours.