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December 09, 2009

All you see here is a girl with one eye or maybe a scrawny squirrel.  If I shed my skin of self doubt and bare a piece of my soul you won’t rip and tear away at who I am because you don’t know me.  You see the cyber face I show you but who I really am is a mystery.  My cyber buddy Catherine commented that “we’re gonna have to do something about your sharing.”  So I thought, I should do something, I should share because if I can’t open myself up to a world of aspiring authors, who I assume experience the same range of fear, joy and doubt that we all do, then who can I open myself up too?  I’m a writer, right?  And we all know that words, or more specifically verse, is open to interpretation.  So here.  Something I wrote tonight, just now, and I will share with you, you of the unnumbered many, which is more than the previous “count them on two hands” that I have shared with before.

Title:  The Need

In the lines of the day I sigh.
To see the lack of height that couples me.

Its need wraps around my tongue
And pulls at the depths from within.

I find the loss stiffening and the lack…

Glimmers of random possibilities tease,
Wasting the time of the unavailable.

It’s the gnawing nagging need that breaks me.
And keeps the whole to a half.

Never full, except in moments.
Their accumulations trifle at best.

 But it is their existence that keeps me.
Until a worthy enough muse is found.

Then to ash it will burn
Blowing away in the winds of boredom.

Dare there be the everlasting?

I wonder how obvious my verse is.  Can you guess?  Even if you do I will not award you but my curiosity allows the question.

Okay someone stop me.  Something has spiked the poetry bug in me.  Ugh.

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  1. I like it!

    I am awful at poetry. I still try, but I'm always impressed by other people's work. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh perfection, GwOE. Sheer perfection. I like it. I like the phrase "the lack of height that couples me." Nice.

  3. I'm so glad you shared! This is beautiful.

  4. I liked "Glimmers of random possibilities tease" and also the part about "Never full, except in moments." Actually the whole poem is exceptional. Thank you for sharing it.

    You are a busy squirrel, but I thought I'd let you know I gave you an award... and I see you've already got it before lol. Well that's two people today that I've done that to! Gwoe, your blog IS lovely and I'm glad you've gotten it twice now :)

  5. Stephanie -sometimes in moments it rolls out. It's like a singer, either you can or you can't.

    Wendy - Perfection? You're a doll. Sometimes you just can't rise above the need.

    Catherine - thanks for encouraging me.

    Diana - that is so cool because I used glimmers because I was thinking of Lumargen. I'm twice as lovely now. *she bats her one eye* Thanks for the award!

  6. Very beautiful poem. Dark, but beautiful. Poetry can be a great way to open a window to our souls!

  7. Void - Thank you, and yes it is dark. It's funny that you mention souls because I banned myself from using the word "soul" from any future poetry. I abused it profusely as a teen. lol

  8. I found my way over here from Stephanie's blog. :)

    I love the lines, "Its need wraps around my tongue / And pulls at the depths from within".

  9. Beautiful. I would say it's between writer's block, or just getting words out of your mouth onto the paper? I haven't written any poems in ages. I love too though.

    Very nicely done :o)

  10. Shannon - Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie is a fab girl let me tell you. I love hearing what line everyone likes. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    Erica - thank you doll. No, not that need but good guess. Think angsty.


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