Random Ramblings minus the Bag Lady

So I'm not going to take you on a random make-out session with a cardboard cut out or a wild roller coaster ride dream interpretation (both are aka Bag Lady Randomness.)  I'll just talk about normal (*giggle*, are any of us writers "normal"?) writing things I've got going on.

First off, it's the holidays and with parties, Christmas shopping and kids getting out of school soon I will be cutting my blogging down to twice a week.  Just through the holidays.  Come the new year I will be back in business. (and the kids will be back in school.)

I miss my Flashy Fiction and all of your blogs.  I haven't been reading many blogs lately because all the above mentioned.  When I don't keep caught up, there seems to be something missing from my life, like a long lost friend I need to keep in touch with.  So you may see me comment on a blog you wrote a week ago but it is only me playing catch up.  I don't read blogs to keep myself busy (my life does that just fine).  If I leave a comment in is not out of obligation but a necessity.  Necessary because I really feel moved to enough to tell  you what I think or to laugh with you.  Laughing, I get a lot of laughter from some of the blogs I read or most especially the comments.

My WIP...hmm.  Let's just say, exWIP because I have started working on a new piece.  Oh darn, another first novel gets shelved.  As much as I enjoyed the piece I was working on, I don't want to Frankenstein the beginning.  I reworked the intro three times and though each time it got better, I need some distance before I go back to it.  You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder (if you don't find someone else in the meantime).  Not long after I joined the blogging community I found out that most first novels never see the printed page.  Shelving my first WIP happened a lot sooner than I thought because I had at least hoped I would get it to the query stage.  Unfortunately for now, no.

Now my new WIP--. I feel like some two bit girl who brings the new boyfriend to a party where the ex-boyfriend and I share mutual friends.  *awkward* Well he just needs to suck it up and move on, apparently I have.  Sorry, bag lady randomness.  It's a disease I have you know.  Where were we?  My new WIP.  It used to be the little "somethin' somethin'" I had on the side.  This piece I am very excited about, though I am stuck right now in chapter three, I'm excited.

My exWIP I started with a concept and worked out from that filling in my outline as I wrote out the full story.  Well, how'd that work out for ya?  Not so well.  It left me with plotholes and chunks of chocolate.  Chocolate good, plotholes, not so good.  My new WIP came from a dream (please no Martin Luther King Jr. or Stephenie Meyer comments) that filled me with so much emotion that I had to write it all down at 4:00 in the morning to capture the passion on paper.  After a few days I kept going back to it, telling myself that I was only taking a break from my exWIP to write down a few notes.  (Oh sure, you know how it goes.  First it's a few drinks at happy hour, then client dinners and the next thing you know you have a full on affair.  You just better not cheat with Beyonce's husband.  Mm huh girlfriend, she will whup your scrawny butt!) Sorry, bag lady again.  Notes on the new WIP became full chapters and before you know it a synopsis was born.

Though my four page synopsis is not turn it in to an agent quality, it is a full story from beginning to end.  Complete with protagonist, conflict and resolution.  The concept is there with the rest of the details to follow in the writing itself.  When all is said and done, the query letter for this book will not be so intimidating.

Okay off to feed those little monsters most people like to call children.  Feel free to comment on any randomness you feel like.