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December 21, 2009

Whip out your mistletoe.   I'm so excited to share and VERY nervous.  I'm feeling vulnerable right now.  

You want a kiss?  I have one and a little more.  Let me set the scene: boy, girl and bedroom.  Ok, stop right there dirty mind.  This is a PG, well maybe PG-13 scene.  Shane, 17 and Nick, looks 18 (no he's not a vampire, geez.  I don't want to go into the how he's eternally young thing.) are hanging out in Shane's room.   She's a southern girl and he's a California boy.  Mmmmm.  Sorry, we haven't even got to the kissing yet.  Nick has a token, an ability.  He has the ability to call upon the instincts of animals (Ok, I'm giving a brief synopsis here so don't judge until you've read the book.)  You need to know that he never lets things get to far between them, for a multitude of reasons I will not go into here.

Ok, enough gibberish.  This is my shelved book, my first novel.

Wellspring, Chapter 10 The Water, pg. 224

“Can’t you stay with me a little longer?”  I said.  Sweetly I wound my accent around his weakness, manipulating his yearning to hold me every night.
“Of course I can.”  Nick said.  I twitched a tiny smile of satisfaction at how willingly he buckled under my charms.  My head rested against the heft of his chest.
I cursed the cool weather that forced him to wear long sleeve shirts.  I missed seeing the warm golden glow that kissed his skin, skin he bared every weekend since summer.  The hair products he used to tousle his sandy locks hinted with the scent of coconut, which would have to be enough to sustain my beach memories.  The only skin he exposed now was his long hands.  I traced the length of his fingers, allowing myself to fantasize about the feel of them placed upon my hips.  How strong and secure they felt when he pulled my body to his for a kiss.  I imagined what they would feel like gliding along my waist, inching toward my chest.
I must have grunted a small sound of satisfaction to get his attention.  Either that or it was the thudding pulse that pounded from my neck against his chest. 
“What are you thinking about?” Nick asked.
“Do you think you or Christian could share your token like Jace and Laura can?”  I said.  Instead of telling him what I really thought about I lied, hoping he would write off my pulse to our closeness.
“I don’t think so, maybe Christian, if he controlled it better, evolved it.”  He said.
“Why not yours?”
“Mine is more physical, harder to transfer between people I guess.”
“I wonder what I would be able to do.”   I said.
“Divine charm,” he played along with my game, “the perfect balance of Aphrodite and the sirens.”  He smiled wryly.
“So I could lure people to their death with the sound of my voice?”  I asked.  I crinkled my nose, wanting something a little more super hero, like flying.
“Maybe the charm of your southern tongue could rain velvet on their ears but your beauty would draw them in and your thoughts alone would surrender them to your every command, every whim.”  He said.  “Kind of like now.  So if all you wanted was a kiss…”  He teased softly.
 “All I would have to do is think it.”  I closed my eyes and bit my bottom lip.  Nick rolled me back onto his arm and kissed the soft hollow of my neck.  He inhaled deeply, taking in the scent off my skin.  Skin drenched in pheromones.  “And if I wanted…” I said breathlessly, unable to finish with his lips finding the soft part of my throat.
Nick traced his nose along my neck to the base of my ear.  The warmth of his breath there set a fire under my skin. He pulled at my earlobe with a pinch of his lips.  Parts of my body burned, begging for his touch.  Determined I would enjoy more than thirty seconds of pleasure before he stopped us, I kept very still forcing myself not to react.  Sliding the neck of my shirt open, he lined tiny kisses down to the sweep of my shoulder.  The feeling rippled a shiver down my spine and a hushed moan escaped from my lips.
He paused.  Dang it Shane, calm down.
Nick’s hands tightened around my waist affirming his hold, his need.  His mouth moved on top of mine, feeling warm and welcoming as our tongues danced. 
That…was more than I could handle. 
With all control gone I pressed my pelvis to his frame, he released a low disapproving growl.  I ignored it, locking my fingers behind his neck and forcing his lips to stay on mine, parting them with wet greetings.  His jaw locked and refused to soften.
“Arghhh!”  I growled in frustration, releasing him from my grasp.
“Shhhh.” He whispered, tracing his eyes back to the door.  Yes, don’t worry, I thought, nothing is happening any way.
Feeling dejected, I didn’t hide my frustration.
“You should be mad at me, I wasn’t playing fair.” He confessed.  Oh no, I was not going to let him take the high road again.
“No, it’s my fault.  How are you supposed to know how powerful your touch is?  The slightest inclination of your fingertips and the electricity shoots right through me!”  I said, aching at the thought.  I could see him pursing back a gloating smile.  “You’ve got something going on besides this animal thingy.”  My rambling sounded convoluted because his kisses still quivered through my thoughts.  “It’s like you’ve got some kind of pleasure radar.”  I said, in complaint.  He couldn’t help but chuckle at my scattered lack of composure.

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  1. haha! I love the pleasure radar comment! This was definitely a great kiss scene!

  2. That was wonderful. Loved the end with the whole electricity and pleasure radar.

  3. That was an awesome kissing scene. I agree--very hot. Nice.

  4. Love it. You've painted a very good picture for me. Very hot.

  5. Wow great scene. I would definitely read your book. You're a great writer!

  6. Steamy indeed. You have a gift for romance writing me thinks. :)

  7. HOT! Wonderful! I am so curious as to where this story goes...

    I am glad this Kissing Blogfest has lead me to so many wonderful blogs, plus writing about kissing scenes is so much fun! ;o)


  8. I loved the first two paragraphs about winding her accent around his weakness and how he buckles under her charms. Southern accents are so unfair! (oh well!)

    Btw, your blog's layout is so cute and so is the title. Both made me smile. :-)

  9. Phew! Fanning myself here!! This is so steamy, love it! Hot is hot. Agreed with the southern accent being so sexy too :)

  10. Hmmmmmm A southern girl with a Cali boy? I wonder where your inspiration come from??? ;-)

    And a pleasure radar? Love the concept! Does he have one?

    The hollow of my neck is definitely a favorite spot to be kissed :-)

  11. "...kisses still quivered through my thoughts..." That's freaking genius! Very yummy.

  12. Loved that! What a great writer you are.

  13. Very hot scene! And I know all about those southern accents:)

  14. Great scene! You have a poetic voice to your writing, it's just beautiful :o)

  15. pleasure radar. pure awesomeness. :)

    thanks for sharing!
    Where Romance Meets Therapy

  16. Ah, the power of thought and suggestion, where might that lead my characters?! A very similar place to yours, would be the answer.
    I loved reading your kiss so I posted Jess and Caleb's. It is very appropriate as it took place on 21st December, the longest night.

  17. Oh goodness....sigh-worthy, indeed! Thanks so much for participating in this kissing party! You totally made my day!

  18. Whew! Very gripping! I LOVED this scene. Totally hot...

    Jenni James

  19. "Skin drenched in pheromones." Love that. Nice scene!

  20. Ohhhh, very sigh-worthy. :) Thanks for making my day!

  21. *sigh* great excerpt that left me wanting more immediately.

  22. Awesome scene! Natalie sent me over to check out your blog and I'm glad she did :)

  23. Aw, a kiss, so stirring. Even in the blogosphere. I'm glad all of you stopped by to read my kiss and enjoyed it. I hope you all found someone under the mistletoe.


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