You've Got the Love?

“You’ve got the love I need to see me through. When food is gone you ARE my daily need.”  Lyric from “You’ve Got the Love” by Florence+ the Machine, album Lungs.  (my new fav band, the whole album is all about love)

It’s words like those that writers have sprinkled together to transcend love through all time.  I may be insecure about my verbs, pace or even hook but there is one thing I do have right, the passion between my main characters.

I’m not one of those people who have had a few fantastical experiences and glorify the passion in my works based in a world of limited knowledge.  I have loved, lost, lusted, craved, dumped, despised and desired.  If it is a term associated with love I have experienced it to the fullest. 

From the highs:  I have been madly crazy in love, with more than one:  the electricity from a brief graze, the dizzy swirl of their scent,  or the deathly longing when they are not at you side.  It’s a familiarity as strong as your own soul in a world where the yearning is enough to sustain life.  And when a candle burns itself at both ends… well we know what happens.

To the lows:  When the light goes out what do you have?  A dark lonely place.  There you feel your way around until your hands identify something familiar.  Something solid you can hold onto.  And if you’re lucky, you scrap together the pieces around and put yourself back together.  You’re never really whole.  There are the empty parts, always empty parts, panging a memory from the dark, a piece of the black you just can’t let go.

For me, I dive into the files of life a pull out a single moment in time and use it for fuel to the fire.  If I can’t seem to draw from time what I need I use the tool of music to call upon my muse (whoever he might have been.)  Music sets the soul free and without it I’m lost.

We all have our sacred rituals for calling upon Aphrodite.  What’s yours? 
Or tell me your favorite pledge of love.