Things I Like to Abuse

I love using: commas, that, well, so, had and other annoying useless bits.

So I love commas, so much so, that well, my manuscript is bleeding to death from the tiny slashes I put, well in my sentences.  I also, love useless words like that.  That, the word that is, explains everything.  I say “that” and you know what I’m talking about, right?  Apparently I love abusing other words like: well, so, had, seems, appeared, like and other fillers.

Would someone please free me from tyranny of useless words?

What do I do?  I write with them.  I have too.  But afterwards I do a find and search attack.  Like an ax welding barbarian I slice and dice (or maybe like a sous-chef.)    Anyway, that’s my hunk of nothing for today.  You got anything?