Somebody Call the Police!

It's a bloody mess over here!  Yesterday my hubby and children let mommy hide in her cave the entire day.  (Yes, they do love me.)  So I decided to print out Chapter 1 and edit.  Oh baby did I edit.  I hacked away at that thing until all that remained were bloody stumps (translation:  5700 words to 2500).  Then I tried to Frankenstein graft some of it back together and rearrange its parts until I made a pivotal decision, Chapter 1 must die.  I made a ceremonial sacrifice, a necessary evil to my WIP because let's be honest, the story really doesn't get started until Chapter 2 and no one wants to read 5700 words of fluff.

Now those words are not a complete waste.  There are a few key pieces that I need to weave in to Chapter 2, to help establish my MC (maybe 750 words of it).  The rest we will call...“character development” and file it away as a healthy exercise.

I am off to carve into Chapter 2.  Instead of going in with a machete, I plan to scale down to a butcher knife because we all know the beginning takes the most refinement.  You can’t carve Mt. Rushmore with a butter knife.

When you first started reworking your WIP what major changes did you make?