*snoopy dance*

Can't you just hear the Peanuts music in the back ground and the tapity tap of Snoopy's feet doing his happy dance?

No?  That's the way I thought I would feel but I am sitting here crying.  I can't even see the screen because the tears are so blurring.  It's freaking pathetic is what it is but I have to say....I finished.

I finished writing my 113K YA novel and I have the overwhelming sense of  pride and fear.  The last chapter was a complete pain in the keister and really rough, like ground in gravel rough after a motorcycle accident but it's done.

Okay, I just wanted to tell you guys.  The hubby is letting me sit in my cave and work today so now I'm going to print this 369 page puppy and start sculpting, scrapping and cutting.